Monday, January 19, 2009

What Should I Do with My Yellow Pages Book?

At no other time in our lives have we asked ourselves this question with more frequency: "What am I supposed to do with the Yellow Pages?" Years of habit tells us that we should put it on top of our refrigerator or underneath the telephone. But if you're like me and a growing number of Americans each year, you no longer have a land line, because your cell phone is with you at all times. Even those who still have a land line, use their computer to search and research options for their consumer needs.

MerchantCircle recently launched a campaign for local business owners to stop advertising in the Yellow Pages, save money, and move their marketing efforts online. We even offer to buy their next YP ad if it doesn't work. We've also launched a national radio ad campaign and will soon move into television. Below, you can see one of our radio ads put to images of the crazy things people have done with the Yellow Pages:

While many of the uses above were on a large scale, here's a link to some creative uses for the Yellow Pages on a small scale. People are getting so angry about having the Yellow Pages dropped at their doorstep, that they're taking their anger to the web.

One thing is for sure, those Yellow Pages ads that you're paying a risky amount of money for, are being seen by less and less people.

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  1. Are you really that short sighted? I would rather believe that you just have not done your research before posting this. I am a business owner that would not be able to survive without the yellowpages. (I would never tell my rep that) I have tracked my calls for years and the number of calls coming from the book have stayed the same for years. I would like for all my competitors to believe what you are saying, that way i would be the only one left in the heading.
    The cost per phone call may be a bit higher than internet advertising but the leads are usually much better. I tried internet PPC models and wasted a lot of money on clicks. The CALLS are what i want and that is what the books deliver.
    If your concerned about the "tree hugging" side of the books. Check that out too. The number may astound. the books are made from recycled paper and the pulp left over from other paper processing. if you dont want it just recycle it.
    Try not to spread lies.
    I may do more research than the average customer. But i think people should know what they are investing in.