Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We Win!!!!

Couch Jumping

Classy, debonair winner? Aww shucks, American Idol-type winner? Or Tom Cruise jumping-on-the-couch-excited winner? Truth be told, a little bit of everything after being told MerchantCircle has been selected by AlwaysOn Media as one of the Top 100 Private Companies. And no, the winners were not compiled from a list of 105. There were actually over 1,000 companies up for the honor!

So before we bore you to death with the numbers, we'd like to thank you for all the work you've done making your MerchantCircle business listing your own. From those fancy pictures you uploaded about your business, to those neat coupons you built on your listing, it's been a breath-taking experience to watch our business network grow from zero to nearly 75,000! (Sorry, once again those numbers).

Along the way, we've added video options, an easier to use Merchant Dashboard, and of course, the groundbreaking Web Identity Manager, which lets you keep track and manage what customers are saying about you on the web. For over half of you, your MerchantCircle listing IS your sole source of a website. We're glad we've made your online experience an easy one and saved you the time from needing to go anywhere else.

Now run off and take the extra time you've saved to run your business, spend time with your family, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thanks for helping us get recognized as AO Media's Top 100.

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