Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cool and Contagious...

The winter time seems like a good time to catch a cold, but you know what else is contagious?

Browsing merchants' sites. Once I find a business that sparks my interest, I like to check out the other businesses in the area just to see how they're all connected and what they have to say about one another. My bet is that customers do this also, so the more businesses you connect to, the greater your chances of being seen for what you are - a friendly business with creative ideas.

Speaking of creative, I want you to see Clean Cut Creation's cool listing (and you'll know what I mean by "cool" when you read this business's blog)! Just think jazzed-up antique fridges and a snow cone mobile...

Clean Cut Creation's Snow Sled (a 1957 Chevy Step Van that's been converted into a snow cone mobile) is strutting its stuff to the MerchantCircle community. Clean Cut even has a coupon for Snow Sled customers.

What makes this listing so appealing to me is their flashy photos of The Snow Sled in action and their retro refrigerators lined up in customized colors.

It doesn't look like Clean Cut Creations has any MerchantCircle business connections just yet, so if you're feeling warm, why not make contact. They might just have some handy tips to trade with you for the upcoming year. And maybe you can give them some tips on how to stay warm this season.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about our listing. Your site has brought some new traffic to our site.