Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Brazilian Heartbreak Hotel

Have you ever lost a dog? Well, me neither, but I guess you have to own one to lose one. Although, my mom did leave me at a gas station once - think Little Miss Sunshine, only I was the only other person in the car. It was quite heartbreaking for me at the time, so I can only imagine what it must be like for a dog owner to lose their dog, especially if they brought the dog with them from another continent.

Check out the great lengths this Brazilian man went to find a dog's owner. According to Mr. Nievola, the dog's collar read 'Border Animal Hospital' and what he found when searching for the business on the internet was the Border Animal Hospital MerchantCircle listing. He left a comment in the review section, and while he hasn't found the dog's owner yet - it's a beginning that will hopefully end in a reunion.

In the meantime, Mr. Nievola has a great sense of humor, saying he's teaching the dog to bark in Portuguese. As for me, I'm glad our business listings are search-engine-optimized so that people like Mr. Nievola (even in another country) can have a starting point. Presence is everything. Maybe if I had been more vocal, my mother would have noticed I existed. Although, learning to bark in Portuguese would have been pretty cool too.

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  1. Good News! The dog's family has been found. Here's an e-mail Sergio sent:

    "Case solved. The dog (Chihuahua) is really Texan - and has applied for a Brazilian passport :-D ... The owners are Brazilians who lived in USA, and now moved to Brazil again. They bought the dog in Texas just before moved. After the notice among the veterinarians hospitals nearby in my neighborhood, we found the owners…. and the family is gathered again.

    Thank you for your help and concern.

    Have a happy 2007.