Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coupon, Poopons

I've got a list of coupons that are my favorites. I always watch out for the $15.95 oil and filter change that comes in the mail, the 2 for 1 Big Macs printed on the back of my grocery receipt, and the buy one, get one free video rental in the coupon books. Other than that, the rest I use to look at while I'm killing time in the bathroom (which also acts as a safeguard in case I run out of toilet paper).

But the trouble with all those coupons is that I have to wait for them - whether it's a coupon packet in the mail or heading to the grocery store in hopes that my receipt's long enough to have a full Big Mac ad. That's the beauty of online coupons, there's a ton of them out there waiting for customers to find them 24 hours a day.

Did you know our nearly 70,000 MerchantCircle members have created over 8,000 unique coupons? Now those coupons can be found, not only on merchant pages, but also on third party coupon sites, including Oodle and edgeio.

It's just one more free feature we offer because we believe online coupons will have a more significant role as our society becomes more tech savvy and internet-dependent. Plus, online coupons will almost certainly not be used as toilet paper.

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