Thursday, June 1, 2006

Top 5 things to building a GREAT MerchantCircle listing

We continue to see so many great merchant pages being created on MerchantCircle that we thought it would be great to share some of them as well as our thoughts into getting the most out of claiming your listing.

Here are the top 5 things to do to build a great MerchantCircle page along with some great examples.

1. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Everyone loves to see pictures on a website. Use this to your advantage by making use of your listing picture and badge picture uploads on your account. You can also include pictures in your blog and newsletters. The more the better! Include images of your location, yourself, employees, and your customers. Check out Majestic Art Gallery and BBQ by DeVault.

2. Affiliate! Have good things to say about a fellow merchant? Begin Affiliating and Endorsing. Not only does this boost your credibility among consumers but it provides your business with the kind words of your community right on your listing. Check out Blonde Bear Bed and Breakfast.

3. Coupons and Advertisements! Promote specials and deals with online coupons and ads. The consumers coming to your site will want to see what you have to offer. Give them a reason to drop by your store with online printable deals. These specials will also help in completing your page and providing the unique content Google and Yahoo look for in searches. Check out Jaworski Coatings.

4. Blog! Blog! Blog! Let your customers know whatÂ’s going on. Give them an insight into your operations. Blogging is a great way to initiate and carry communication amongst your consumers. Check out Cottage on Mobile Street and EcoClean.

5. READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Newsletters! Another great way to keep your audience educated is with Newsletters. This great feature of MerchantCircle allows you to start publishing quickly and easily. Start sending out Newsletters quarterly, monthly, or even weekly. Check out Mariyas Skin Care.


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  1. The 17 Secrets to getting Results.
    (or How Merchant Circle could be effective)

    #1 - Use A Headline To Get Their Attention
    #2 - Your Opening Paragraph –Draw Them Into Your Letter
    #3 - Tell Them Why They Should Listen To You: Establish You Are An Expert Authority
    #4 - State Their Problem, and/or The Goal To Achieve
    #5 - Provide Them Solutions, Compare Them and Present Yours As The Best Solution
    #6 - Give Them A Little Sample or Tell Them A Story
    #7 - Tell Them How They Will Benefit
    #8 - Let Them Know Other People Have Bought and Benefited Already
    #9 - Make Them An Offer They Can't Refuse...An Irresistible Offer
    #10 - The Question That's On Their Mind, Give Them A Reason Why
    You Can Make Them Such A Great Offer.
    #11 - Sweeten The Pot: Add Value With Bonuses That Relate To Your Main Offer
    #12 - Take Away Their Risk...Give Them Your Guarantee
    #13 - If It's In Limited Supply... Tell Them. They'll Want It Even More
    (The Scarcity Persuader)
    #14 - Tell Them Exactly How To Order Now
    #15 - Tell Them Exactly What Happens If They fsil to Order and To Order Now
    #16 - Your Signoff and Signature
    #17 - Use A "P.S." To Summarize and Remind Them Of Your Offer, How To Order, and What Happens If They Don't Order