Thursday, June 22, 2006

The importance of blogging

Time and time again we stress the benefits of blogging. It's just such a great way to reach out to an audience, cheaply and effectively.

The Creativity Factor just posted a great little piece on the benefits here. Great stuff! We agree 100%.

So for merchants out there wondering about blogging; increase your traffic, grow your consumer base, and promote your deals today all through blogging on MerchantCircle.



  1. I never 'officially' blogged until I found Merchant Connect, but I am really enjoying it now. Although we have not yet seen any traffic from it, I have found myself on Google and look forward to boosting our traffic that way. I've nosed around Atlanta and can't seem to find any other local business blogs. It's a shame so few businesses are taking advantage of this great tool!

  2. Yes, I saw you over there! :) I was wondering, is there any way to search a local area for blogs? For instance, I hit the 'blog' button for Atlanta but only pulled up two blogs. I'd love to find a way to just nose around some of my local blogs and get to know folks that way.