Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time Saving Results

MarketingSherpa released a rather interesting study on local advertising with Google. I found this extremely interesting because of the elaborate amount of time it took, or for that matter, that anyone would have to take not using MerchantCircle to generate a web presence.

Take a look at the steps they had to do to generate some traffic to their business.

Talk about intensive and I highly doubt merchants have the 10 plus weeks to devote to doing something like this. This all just signifies the beauty of MerchantCircle even more.

With a MerchantCircle account, you can accomplish a lot of this up front and can gain even more with our additional tools and services. Not only do we focus on Google but we also run ads with Yahoo and don't forget our own ad network of merchants sharing deals. We also have the ability to create coupons instantaneously and best of all, all these advertising avenues are tracked in our system, which provides you with the details you'll need to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Check out Cambric of Los Altos, by having fresh content on their site and by utilizing all the features of their account they're continuously showing up on both Google searches and Google local queries all from our FREE account.

Imagine what kind of results you can gain from one of our premium accounts.



  1. Ryan -- is merchant circle feeding merchant data into google base and/or other directory databases? any plans to?

  2. Ben MerchantCircle FounderJune 18, 2006 at 1:00 AM


    I have not researched your profile and ads specifically as Ryan has but you will find that as more merchants are linked to you and you are consistent with new (even simple) content on your site you will see your site emerge in the natural search.

    By the way, we appreciate your feedback. If you have time time to spend a few minutes talking to us about more, reach out to Ryan or me and we will give you a free month of the paid service in return for your time.