Friday, March 3, 2006

Want a television ad for your business?

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who responded. We have our first participant for this trial, and we'll keep you posted on the results and the experience. Stay tuned!


We're running a small promotion right now. For the first merchant who sees this, and invites five people to sign-up for MerchantCircle, and gets at least ONE of them to join, we'll give you a free television ad in your local market for your local business.

The ads are professionally done, and feature your core business contact information. However, we don't have ads for all types of businesses. So if you win, and we don't have the right ad for you, or can't get airtime in your local market, we'll give you a free month's worth of Google advertising instead.

For example, we DO have television ads for the following types of business (yes, it's an interesting mix) among a bunch of others:
* Real Estate agents
* Mortgage brokers
* DJs
* Music teachers
* Dance teachers
* Car dealers
* Restaurants
* Coffee shops
* Travel agents
* and a bunch of other businesses

This is partially a test for us, so we'd love your feedback. Again, it's simple, just send at least five invitations, and then get at least one of them to signup. Once you've done this, just drop us an email with the name of your business, and we'll contact you to set up the details.



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