Saturday, March 18, 2006

Customer Feedback

It amazes me how much our customers want to participate and help grow MerchantCircle. I've already spoken to a great majority of our clients and the effort to help make MerchantCircle even better is phenomenal. I love seeing the feedback come in and appreciate the time our merchants are giving.

I've heard a number of different things and just wanted to touch on a few of the specifics.
Bill over at RankMagic along with John at MerchantID and Julie at Celebrant all mentioned ways to improve our category system. Their input was great and because of them we now support multiple categories which a business can use to classify themselves in our directory.

Heather of Staging Places offered some ideas on creating a better newsletter. We've touched it up since then and have gotten some great responses.

Debbie over at Annabelle's Bakery, Scott at 3rd Planet Photography, and Nathan at Groundswell Media Productions all just recently gave us some insight on a few future high end ideas. They offer great promise and are definitely being looked into.

Thanks for all the great feedback guys and I hope to hear more as we continue on. I'd also love to hear from the many other customers we have, so if you have any ideas you're willing to share leave a comment and I'll follow up with you ASAP.

Let's make MerchantCircle the best we can! Hope to hear from you soon.

Ryan Osilla

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