Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Even with good intentions, sometimes you make mistakes

We tried some big new experiments this evening to make it even easier for new merchants to sign up for the service. While the overall experiment was very successful, resulting in scores of new merchants getting introduced and signed up for MerchantCircle, due to a technical issue, we made some mistakes. Our goal is to only share good news with merchants about the service and their listings on the service, but sometimes, even when you have good intentions, you make a couple missteps.

We're very sorry about any mistakes some of our new merchants may have encountered this evening. For example, some merchants found when they got to their listing, we had incorrect data (e.g., an old street address). We've moved to correct those changes, and thank you for your patience. The good news is that when you find your listing may have old data, you can quickly claim that listing and make the appropriate changes, just for registering for free. We require registration to make sure you're a legitimate business owner, and not just someone who wants to change the data.

We've already received some feedback, and we invite others to share their ideas on how we can do this better, and help you ultimately drive more customers and visibility to your business. Thanks again for your understanding. We're just starting out here, and we're likely to make some mistakes, but as long as we can learn from them, and try our best not to make the same mistakes again, we hope we can continue to help you be successful.

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