Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Innovative Ways to Find New Customers

Here at MerchantCircle we are constantly looking for ways to help small businesses find new customers. Whether it be allowing the merchants in our network to advertise for free on the webpage of any other MerchantCircle merchant they invite, or us placing the ads of our merchants on Google and Yahoo, from getting all of our merchants' pages listed highly on local internet searches, to creating and placing a cable television ad for one lucky merchant, we are dedicated to bringing results and new customers to our network of merchants. And it's beginning to get noticed.

In recent days, we received calls from a number of ad networks looking to sign up our network of local merchants as advertisers. Businesses as diverse as free phone directory assistance (411) providers, national coupon distributors, internet ad networks, and even national and local radio stations have come calling on MerchantCircle to provide access to their ad networks to our merchants. And still the phone keeps ringing!

The power and promise of the MerchantCircle network are only beginning to be felt, but in the months ahead, you can look forward to many new and exciting ad placement opportunities for your business. We're getting the word out for you!

Interested in helping make MerchantCircle ever more effective at bringing you new customers? Try the following:

1) Tell a friend! Inviting more merchants in your area not only gets you more free local ad space in our network, but it also makes the MerchantCircle network more powerful when negotiating rates with outside ad networks (like radio and cable TV stations) as well

2) Create coupons and ads! The more ads you create and place on the network, the more customers that will find you. It's free, so why not take ten minutes and create a new advertisement or coupon for your business?

3) Write newsletters and blogs! Upload more photos! The more new and interesting things you have to tell your customers, the more they will return to visit your page. And all new content raises the likelihood that Google or Yahoo will visit your page.


Doug K
VP of Business Development

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