Monday, March 28, 2011

A little Review of Last Week's Small Business News

Here's a few articles that you might have missed. Catch up quickly! It's already Monday... who knows what exciting small business news will make headlines this week! 

Burned by Daily-Deal Craze, Small Businesses Get Savvy (WSJ)

Many businesses felt burned after their early experiences with Groupon. Now the small retailers that form the base of its business have become savvier about working with Groupon and other social coupon companies. (Read more)

Made in USA Gives Small Business an Edge (Business Week)

As labor and shipping costs in Asia increase, small stateside apparel makers are able to flaunt their domestic addresses. (Read more)

San Francisco Yellow Pages Ban Heads to a Vote (WSJ Blog)

San Francisco’s Land Use Committee this week unanimously approved a proposal to ban unsolicited deliveries of the Yellow Pages, a move local small-business owners say will deny them an important outlet for advertising and marketing. (Read more)

Small Business Owners Still Don't Get Search Marketing (Media Post)

Search marketing -- an intent-driven approach driving the highest returns -- should come as an easy decision for small businesses, but many still don't understand the benefits and the pitfalls. (Read more)

Smaller Walmart stores: A threat to local businesses?

Walmart announced plans to introduce hundreds of new smaller stores. Should small business owners be worried? (Read more)

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  1. Hi, thanks for the news updates. Read about the Groupon news stuff the other day but one thing which surprises me is how come this group of small business owners still don't understand the benefits of search marketing and social media in today's world! I suppose this will verily make a headline! Regards, Daniel.