Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Review of Last Week's Small Business News

Baseball has started, March Madness has ended and spring has sprung here in MerchantCircle's hometown of Mountain View, California.  In case you were a bit distracted by ballgames and brilliant weather, here are a few interesting articles you might have missed...


Stuck in Smallsville (

American women are launching new companies at 1.5 times the national rate, but most of these queen bees are not growing their companies beyond 100 employees or $1 million in revenues, a new survey from American Express finds.  (Read More)

Why You Need to Start Branding ASAP (Fox Business)

When starting a new business, brand establishment tends to take a back seat to hiring the right people, attracting customers and generating sales, but maybe it shouldn’t. (Read More)

Getting Money Into the Hands of Small Businesses (WSJ)

The recession's grip on small-business owners has loosened, but unemployment remains stubbornly high and access to credit is still tight. (Read More)

Fast-changing pace of local advertising
(Media Life Magazine)

Online local advertising has resumed its hot pace after a short blip during the recession. In fact, according to a report from Borrell Associates, the local ad tracking firm, the internet is on pace to surpass newspapers as the No. 1 source of local advertising revenue by 2015. This is a landmark prediction, as newspapers have always been No. 1. (Read More)

APRIL FOOL'S: 10 Favorite Fake-Outs
(Business Insider)

Scanning news feeds on April Fool's Day is a bit like traveling down Alice's rabbit hole.

It's hard to tell reality from wishful thinking, spiteful revenge, and random hallucinations of people who spend too much time looking at their computers. That said, once you sort the fact from the fancy, it's fun to look back at the best pranks of the day. (Read More)

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