Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Vote from Wasilla, Alaska: Thank Goodness It's Over!

Over the last few months, we've chronicled the election day viewpoints of business owners all over the nation. When Governor Sarah Palin was announced as the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate, we went into her backyard and interviewed business owner in Wasilla, AK. When Senator Joe Biden was chosen for the Democratic ticket, we did the same thing in Wilmington, DE. Today, we went back and interviewed some of those same business owners to see how their views and votes may or may not have changed.

For Denise Rexford of Stampin Moose in Wasilla:
"I voted this morning for McCain. Whether Governor Palin was on the ticket or not, I still would've voted for McCain. I think he has the experience, whereas Obama has no experience. On a business level, his tax policy just keeps getting lower and lower. First it started at $250,000 and below you won't get taxed and now I hear it's $150,000."

Business owners on both sides of the fence said that the Vice-Presidential candidate made almost no difference in their selection for President.

Francine Byrd of The Diagnostic Center in Wilmington:
"I voted for Obama today. I think our economy is really struggling right now and I hope Senator Obama keeps his promise. He said he would do a complete audit of the government and it's spending, which I think is sorely needed."

One business owner in Wasilla that I spoke to was still undecided just 4 hours before her polls were to close.

Becky Raterree of Northern Mist Gifts in Wasilla:
"I am really torn with my decision. I'm a small business owner, the wife of a veteran, the mother of a son who may get sent to war, and I have healthcare concerns. While I know Sarah very well and like her, my choice is based off of McCain and Obama. I like that McCain's a vet, but I don't like some of his policies that will extend President's Bush's. On the Obama side, I don't like that he has no experience dealing with the military. I really think the decision I make will come in the voting booth!"

All of the business owners I spoke to are just happy that the election is over for a myriad of reasons, including being able to watch regular programming on television, and in Wasilla, for the reporter circus to make it's way out of town.

We're just glad you voted here at MerchantCircle and wish you future business success.

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  1. The Drama with Obama (that's pretty catchy I might copyright that! LOL!) and Mr. Yuck face is over. Well, the demos have control of the House, Senate and the big seat. No excuses over the next 4 years on not righting the ship.

    Take care,
    "The Nicest Notaries in Texas, That Go To You 24/7!"