Friday, November 7, 2008

Best Local Business Sites

I got an emailed newsletter today from one of the merchants that's in my network for my production company: Treasure Islands of Santa Cruz. It's one of the best, most informative newsletters I've come across. I've spoken to Rick Cook, the owner, before and he says that he often fields calls from merchants asking him how he did certain things on his MerchantCircle page. Well, I guess he finally decided to put it all down in a newsletter! Check it out by clicking here.


In the newsletter, Rick wrote several articles, including:
  • How to Create a Free Website Banner and a MerchantCircle Ad with Bling
  • Make Your Own Free Banner for Your MerchantCircle Ads or For Your Website
  • Creating an Ad on Your MerchantCircle Page With Your New Banner
  • In Layman's Terms How MerchantCircle Can Work For You
  • Helping Out a Fellow MerchantCircle Member in Need

Thanks Rick, for making my job a lot easier! Follow some of his tips, which increased his website traffic by 500%. Check out his MerchantCircle listing here.

Treasure Islands

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