Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Presidential Election Survey Results: Small Business Owners Support McCain over Obama by a Large Margin

Total Even as new polls suggest Barack Obama is widening his lead over John McCain amongst likely voters, 53% to 45% supporting Obama according to the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, small business owners surveyed in a MerchantCircle study overwhelmingly support McCain. The survey was conducted from September 25 to October 6 to over 4,300 small business owners in all 50 states. MerchantCircle is the largest online network of local business owners in the nation with 625,000 members.

The surveys were conducted voluntarily from business owners via email. Over 96% of the responders intend to vote in November, although 10% are still unsure which candidate will help small businesses the most.

10 questions were asked, shown below:

Q 1 - 2

Q 3 - 4

Q 5

Q 6

Q 7 - 8

Q 9

Q 10

Here are some interesting stats from breaking down the results:

  • Of those (1602 surveyed) who rated that the current administration has represented the interests of local business as “not well at all”, 75.3% indicate they will vote for Obama, 8.7% McCain, 11% don’t know; and 4.9% other.
  • 55% have seen a “Severe” or “Moderate” decline in sales and revenue over the past year; 49.4% of McCain supporters versus 40% for Obama supporters.
  • McCain had the largest margin of support from businesses with 21+ employees – 64.7% to Obama’s 27.8%. Businesses that identified themselves as having one employee had the closest margin of difference – 47.9% indicated they would vote for McCain to 42% who would vote for Obama.

For individual state break downs, or special requests for specific data, please email Jennifer Roberts at

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  1. As a small business owner, I am in the McCain camp. However, if the polls are correct, it might be too late. I just don't get it.

  2. Screw McCain. That old fart won't help anyone.

  3. While I don't know how much McCain will help, I'm CERTAIN that he's a better choice than Obama. I just don't think that Socialism is in the best interests of small businesses (or any business other than government, for that matter).

    I don't understand the "Messiah" complex surrounding Obama -- it's actually quite frightening that someone with very little executive experience and a very questionable history (what little that he and his campaign will release) has developed such a following.

    Regardless of who wins in November, I think we may all need bumper stickers that say "Where are we going? And why are we in this handbasket?"

  4. McCain is our only hope... Obama is going to pull the troops out of Iraq in 16 months... the terrorist will be planning for that. We'll be back in Iraq within months with more American casualties than were needed. Obama will have us at war with Pakistan by dropping his bombs where he pleases. And when Obama raises taxes... do you really think businesses will eat the loss? NO... they'll start laying off the lower ranking employees making the economy worse!
    Palin is one of us... If you really want CHANGE... vote McCain/Palin!

  5. How in the hell is McCain going to help us small business owners when I have yet to hear a plan accept to buy back the bad mortgages. At least Obama is in touch with us. McCain seems very indecisive and he reminds me of a "capital hill cronie"

  6. I just can't believe that business owners would consent to having even MORE of their money sent to Iraq with a McCain/Palin administration. Crazy!
    I don't know any small business owner who would vote for McCain.

  7. i don't think a democrat with little experience should be leading a house and senate full of corrupt democrats. someone needs to reign them in.

    i believe obama and a democratic legislative branch will lead to more and more government.

    heaven help us all.

  8. If I were that ignorant 0f the facts,I would want to remain anonymous also. Look at the facts. One candidate has a history of putting his country before himself, even with great personal suffering. The other has a history of 'me first no matter what, and association with "America haters" for his entire life. Not one major accomplishment in his political career. You decide who would be best for our country.

  9. I almosts did not respond to your survey. There are many who have not and might have selected Obama. These polls are quite a guess. Not sure why you chose to conduct the survey nor how accurate it is.

  10. I think McCain does have a chance! I don't trust the polls or the media's spin on them. What I do know is that a larger percentage of Republicans get out and vote on election day. More Democrats are a lot of hot air and fuss, but when election day comes around they just don't vote! I'm counting on the flaky liberals to forget which day is election day!

  11. I think this is a "fair and balanced" survey. The media tends to "spin" it anyway (for Obama) they can. This makes sense to me. I am pleased with these numbers. I hope McCain can pull this one out! God Bless America!

  12. If you are not doing as well, and you are pleased with deregulation and where the wonderment of McCai n has taken us-We are in deep do-do. Can you really look at Palin and imagine her having a complete sentence or rational self-thought!

  13. i own a small biz which is suffering right now. in a good year i bring in less than $100K. obama will raise taxes only OVER $250K, which will help me greatly.

    i'd be happy to repeat this questionaire at the end of october... anyone else?

  14. Nations fall because of moral issues, (Just look at history) The morals of a President, In God we stand, is what will keep our Nation secure and strong..If the president we chose does not abide by the bible to run his nation, woe to us who placed him in there.
    Obama's morals, are in the gutter.

  15. To the cowardly anonymous comment about 'screw McCain' : To have no respect for a man who has served his country in the military as McCain has is shameful. His service for over two decades as the Senator from Arizona shows a record of serving our country FIRST and partisan politics much lower on his list of priorities. An apology is due, although I doubt it will come to be... Prove me wrong!
    Comparing the two tickets is day and night. McCain/Palin: Country First. Obama/Biden: Their socialist agenda first.

  16. I have tended to vote Republican in the past. I do however consider myself an independent and will vote for the individual I consider the best choice. I am voting wholeheartedly for the Obama/Biden ticket. I don't beleive these numbers and do beleive that Obama will be our next President.

  17. I don't know how Obama (we know what his middle name is) is so high in the polls when most people I talk to say they would not vote for him. He scares me to death!!

  18. The people who "want" to know, will research the facts and they will choose McCain. Those who want to close there ears, and their brains will choose Obama. It's that simple. Obama hates all that America stands for, and if he is elected it will be the begining of the end of America.

  19. Both Major parties are only addressing the concerns of the wealthiest 2%; the most recent case in point is the passage of the Wall Street bailout (stripped of protections for Main Street).
    After years of bashing the American worker for being “fat and over-paid,” these brokers/traders and investors profited during the great American sell-off of our manufacturing base to the communist Chinese (high tech to India; whatever to Mexico; etc.) whose low wage workers do not pay into our tax pie…effectively raising that due from the rest of us…or our children. These selfish profiteers had no compassion for those workers no longer able to support their families or meet their mortgages. These budget cutting/out-sourcing/down-sizing/lay-off kings (and their enabling investors) didn’t shed a tear at the trail of devastation they caused. When the foreclosure crisis gained momentum these crooks showed no compassion, but instead blamed the victims of their predatory lending for buying more home than they could afford...not admitting that at every level from exaggerating the appraisal value and ignoring credit scores, they had pocketed immediate commissions.

    Here’s KARMA!! Time for the truly fat and overpaid to reap what they have sewn!

    Now that these obscenely over-compensated crooks are in danger of losing their pricey co-ops and summer homes in the Hamptons we are supposed to feel sympathy? Time for these parasites to find honest work! I am outraged at the idea of a bailout that involves more spending on my children's credit card! I am outraged that these proponents of privatization are expecting help from the government they continuously bash as being inefficient. "Privatized profits / Socialized losses???"

    Nationalize Fannie and Freddie!!! Rescind the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy before you add a “bailout” to our children’s credit card!!! DON'T bail out gamblers!!! Investigate/prosecute/jail and seize the ill-gotten gains of these crooks!!! This IS the time for finger pointing! This IS the time for the blame game! DON’T throw money at the problem…SOLVE IT!!! Provide a disincentive for future thievery!!!
    John Kasbohm
    "atelier 564"

  20. The bailout is putting us in a position of socialization and using China's money?

    McCain can't tell his story...he just thinks we're all friends and will figure it all out at the kitchen table "after election". Yes, he wants to stay in and win the war, but he has yet to face the facts of our economy here and now.

    McCain doesn't have the answer and is using key words to say something he can't back up...."change".

    Obama connects with people and answers the question direct. I vote for Obama, so I don't have to figure out dirty politics....he will talk about the issues thoughtfully....Mcain is undoubtebly more of the same and we can't afford the Bush leadership mentality anymore.

  21. i agree Barack Hussein Obama is scary

  22. God help us if Obama is elected. Look to Revelations 13 for the answer. I think McCain will do a good job because of his history in the Congress and Senate, The President can only do what they vote on.

  23. Obama plans to return to the failed policies of high taxation coupled with an expansion of government spending.

    Worse, Obama says he is absolutely committed to almost doubling the capital gains rate — something he will easily accomplish with a Democrat Congress.

    In the coming months — when investors realize that Obama will raise the cap gains rate — there could be a stampede of asset sales as investors rush to take their profits now to avoid Obama's doubling of the tax rates next year.

    All of these issues and more are explored in Newsmax magazine's special report "Obamanomics — the Coming Tax-and-Spend Nightmare," by Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund.

  24. 28 years in business. Every 4th election year the economy goes in the dumps. Get used to it you young biz people! Jimmy Carter (D) raised interest to 24%+. Last time I voted Democrat. He also started the ball rolling with Fannie & Freddie. Then Clinton (D) took it further with the '99 Glass Siegel Act and here we are in the biggest mess.
    If you want Chicago politics gone wild vote Hussein. You want to save America then Palin/McCain is the only choice!

  25. There used to be a time years ago when I actually respected McCain & would have voted for him, because he was one of the few Republicans that had a mind of his own. During this campaign, he has acquiesced to the party, thereby putting the party first & not the country. Attacking a competitor's record or agenda is one thing, but attacking the person is just low. He seems desperate & when that happens, a person's real feelings come out. He seems to show disdain to the middle class & especially poor people. I can't vote for someone like that. As for Palin, she seems like she wants to take women back several decades & I'm just not for that.

  26. The real Question is why is Obam getting a pass by All voters as to honesty, this guy hasnt explained his use of drugs, his socialistic background, his ability to buy his home in 2005 below the market, his ACORN backing, he hasnt ansered anything, If he were a Republican, the media would have burned him at the stake, Unfortunately the death of the American Spirt is coming, The USA public has decided that they want comfort and socialism and is voting for Obama becasue he will solve all their problems, The America of Our forefathers is dead, we have become a socialistic society where we reward mediocrity, and punish entreprenuership and capitalistic values because of some bad examples, and the democrats who created most of this mess because they believe in entitlement are allowed to walk, we should be punishing, Dodd, Franks Rangel and all those who stole from the American Public, and now we allow voter fraud, this is the death of the spirt of American determination, America is now in decline.

  27. To the person who said "If the president we chose does not abide by the bible to run his nation, woe to us who placed him in there."
    ...being Christian has nothing to do with who should or should not run the country. But, your point is moot, since Obama IS a Christian.

    In addition, another moot point is talking about Obama's middle name. It's a name, for cryin' out loud!

    To those who say they don't believe the numbers: Believe them. This sample is not representative of the population, it is representative of a small portion of small business owners who have listed their businesses on MerchantCircle and were invited to participate by email invitation.

    Rest assured, Obama supporters, we will win! And we'll see the change this country so desperately needs. We need to quit spending billions of dollars on a pointless war; as a small business owner, I, for one, do not want to see any more of my tax dollars being wasted on it.

    Palin truly scares me; with McCain's age and health problems, if something were to happen to him, that woman would take over, and can you imagine the direction this country would take? She's an extremist, and I know that many, many people would be unhappy and that Big Oil would reign supreme. Is that what you really want?

  28. Obama wants to bring down Capitalism and life as we know it. Socialism is not the best way to live your life. The government is in every part of your life. Even your bedroom. I am not saying that McCain is the man . He is just the lesser of 2 evils at this point in time.

  29. Hey guys, have you seen this new Sara Palin video? As a Life Long Conservative and Republican
    this really bothers me....I can't bring myself to vote for her after seeing I wrong?

  30. I had my doubts about a woman VP but Palin won me over in the recent VP debate. This small business owner looks forward to voting McCain/Palin.

  31. McCain/Palin have nothing left but to try and paint
    Obama as a guy who pals around with terrorists.
    They dont tell you that Republicans were also
    on the board with Ayers and that Obama was 8
    years old when Ayers was involved in these activities.

  32. If you really want 4 more years of what we have had to endure, please vote for the old guy and Gov. Avon Lady...give me a break...Just more of the Bush matter how much lipstick you put on the pitbull or dead wolves!

  33. How anyone could consider voting for the same party that got us into this mess is beyond me. If that isn't enough to make everyone run away from the Republicans, the idea that Sarah Palin could be president should frighten everyone. She is a combo of Dan Quayle and GW Bush in a skirt. If the stakes weren't so high, I might vote for her just to see the comedy sketches for 4-8 years on SNL. What a joke. McCain -- the "maverick" -- is really an old man who is all out of fresh ideas, and he's betting that Americans are stupid enough to be swayed by an empty-headed beauty queen with an over-active uterus. If you want to save what's left of this country -- and the Constitution -- throw the bums out.

  34. To all those people out there who seem to think Obama is going to help them out. Quite frankly you are either uninformed, blind to the facts or you just do not care -take your pick.

    I have been through several democratic administrations and I have yet to experience one that did not: a.) raise my taxes (remember the Johnson administration when we had a "sur tax" on top of our normal taxes? Then there were both the Carter and Clinton administrations - both times my taxes were higher than I now pay.
    b.)increase the size of government. Along with the increased size of government came regulations. Since the early 1970s I have witnessed a 10-fold increase in Federal and State regulations. The greatest increases in regulations came in the democratic controlled Congresses and when the White House was occupied by a Democrat.

    While I readily admit the Bush administration disappointed me in the expansion of government, the greatest expansion of the size of the bureaucracy came in the democratic administrations of Roosevelt, Kennedy (although by today's standards he was more republican than our present day democrats), Johnson, Carter and Clinton.

    If any of you are under the misguided opinion that Obama won't expand the size of government, you do not understand his health care proposal. It is really no different than Hillary Clinton's. Hers took over 1,100 pages of text to describe. I guarantee you that any government run program such as was described in Hillary's health care system will expand the size of government, cost you more money than you ever thought you would have to pay in taxes and cause many existing and would be employers to go out of business.

    I happen to have one of those businesses that can not afford any more taxes!!!!!!!!! Neither can I afford the regulations that come with democratic administrations!!!!

    Please remember this if you are not concerned about rising taxes and the certainty of expanded government and regulations, can we afford to have a president who, does not tell us the truth about his friends and long term associates? Do we want a president who is ashamed of this country so much that he will not even salute our flag? Or a president who goes to another country during his campaign and appologizes for past American involvement in World War II? Or a president who disdains the time honored traditions of this country, by creating his own "Obama Seal" and flunts it on his airplane during the campaign?

    As if the above were not enough, tell me please why Obama is even qualified to be a president? His lack of experience in domestic and foreign affairs should trouble every voter. Give me a break! Name one legislative accomplishment the guy has achieved through his own efforts in either the Illinois Senate or the U.S. Senate. I will save you the trouble of doing your own research. There aren't any! As for executive experience, there is none of that either!

    While McCain is not my ideal candidate, at least he has a record of accomplishments in Congress and he is a man of moral principal who does not have long standing alliances with avowed terrorists. Just as important he does not have a socialistic agenda like his counter part.

    I am sorry for all you Obama supporters, but this one American who is not willing to trade the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution for a socialistic welfare state! If you think I am kidding about what is coming with an Obama led administration, you have your head in the sand.

    William Palmer

  35. Self-employed WorkerOctober 9, 2008 at 8:28 PM

    Anonymous, I live in the most liberal section of Albuquerque. In 2004, I thought Kerry would win NM by 2% or so. Boy was I wrong!

    People tend to understand the world through the lens of whatever is most familiar. I live among mostly Democratic neighbors, so even with a relatively sophisticated understanding of NM politics, I unconsciously assumed that my state would vote more like my part of town.

    I perceive that people are fed up with 8 years (or to be fair, the last 4 years) of Republican rule. The economy is in a shambles, which always works in the Democrats' favor. I could talk about the relative merits of the candidates, but what's the point?

    The playing field is strongly tilted the Democrats' way. Bill Clinton won his first term in an economic downturn. Barack Obama seems likely to win big in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

    It's difficult to interpret a poll without demographic information like age, gender, party identification, and so forth. I'd be shocked if the population of small business owners surveyed mirrors the general population, but how different is it? The answers could be interesting!

  36. John McCain, thank you for your service but you left your best in Viet Nam. You have compromised everything you stated you believed in. I cannot believe your pandering. As for your choice of VP, she claims to love America but her husband is a charter member of an 'Alaska is it's own country' group. She practiced choice when having her baby, but denies the right of that choice to others. Mussolini said that fascism is government by corporation. Well, duh', what do we have now? If your net worth is less than $25 million, there is no logical reason to vote republican. That party does not even exist any more. It has been taken over by those that are so far to the right, that they are left. Obama may not be the next Lincoln or T Roosevelt, but he is light years ahead of McCain. His VP candidate can actually put 2 coherent sentences together and knows that just because you can see another country 'on a clear day', that doesn't make them our friend. Vote with an open mind and ignore the gutter politics. Remember how things were before Bush took over. 9-11, Katrina, Ike (a few years later and not improved at all), not to mention Iraq. We wouldn't be faced with withdrawal if he hadn't illegally gone there in the first place. I could go on but I doubt that this diatribe will change anyone's mind. Thanks for letting me vent.

  37. I was just talking to someone about the fact that small business owners seem to think that the Republicans "have their back" when the Democrats have always supported their best interest.

    How in the hell can someone with the moniker "Debt Reduction" say that "as a small business owner, I am in the McCain camp." John McCain is going to raise your taxes you idiot!! Obama is not a socialist, he is much closer to being a centrist.

    If John McCain and Sarah Palin get elected, there is a very good chance from the idiotic things that they say, that they will start world war III!!! McCain has danced and sung, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran."

    Well, Mr. Idiot, maybe you don't understand that Iran is about 10 times more powerful than Iraq, and they will set the middle east on fire, if you do this!! All they want is to have some say in what goes down around them. Kind of like we would if Russia had invaded Mexico.

    Then, we have Sarah Palin accusing Barack Obama of associating with terrorists, while her husband has spent major time hanging out with, and donating money to a major terrorist who would like to use violent means to help Alaska secede from the United States.

    How can you think that someone like John McCain, who will continue to support Bush's policies that have gotten us into this mess will actually help you as a small business owner?? I notice from the percentage of opinions from the respondents, that a huge number of you suffer from racist underpinnings, which is probably why the overwhelming majority of you poll for that crackpot, McCain. This country will go down the tubes if he is elected. He has admitted that he doesn't have a clue about the economy, and I don't know why anyone would trust someone who suffered 5 years of psychological damage in a vietnamese prison.

  38. YIKES! It astounds me that people would really think that 4 more years of Republicans running the show could help ANYONE - including small business owners.
    Has everyone forgotten that even with the foolishness of the preoccupation with previous President's Peccadillo - we USED to have "money in the bank."
    NOW we have an obscenely escalating debt that compounds daily - and they keep coming back asking the taxpayers for MORE.
    We all need to pull together and take back our government, get active, do our part by staying informed at a deeper level than just being able to repeat 'sound-bytes' from the network news stations.
    McCain & Palin are part of the team that got us in this mess - no matter their claim that they'll be different. There's no clear plan there, except that invading another country looks like a good idea. Puh-leez!
    Senators Obama & Biden are also part of the team that got us in this mess, but at least they are on the 'other side of the aisle' - I can't see that (to quote another Bush) "staying the course" is going to do ANY of us any good.
    And really, God Bless us all!

  39. Obama is this new hitler. He wants to nationalize all the large companies, socialize all services, take away free speech, control the voting, gins up crowds by not saying anything, and god forbid if you criticizes him, then storm troopers come in to file law suites or have you 'investigated'

  40. I was actually very surprised when I saw the results. Especially since the poll was taken among small business owners.

    Actually, I guess it depends on how "small" your small business is. The way I understand it from the debates, News Headlines, Time Magizine, Newsweek Magizine, and other sources...including John McCain's Website,any small business that earns a GROSS of $250,000.00 per year will be VERY HEAVILY TAXED, but not as bad as the small businesses that don't earn a GROSS of $250,000.00. Under Obama's plan, taxs would BEGIN after a small business has earned $250,000.00 NET profits in each year. Something is terribly wrong when small business is in favor of a man who is a PROOVEN LIAR or is SENILE. John McCain accused Barack Obama of being TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for the gasoline crises 2 weeks after he said "NO ONE MAN COULD BE RESPONSIBLE". The rise in the cost of fuel took 30 years for the major oil companies to acheive it. Was this a lie or senility? The Presidency is the MOST6 STRESSFUL JOB in the entire world according to CNNN News yet you folks favor a man with a bad heart over one with a GREAT one. WHY? Resources tell me Todd Palin made EVERY MAJOR DECISION WHILE SAHA PALIN WAS THE GOVONOR OF ALASKA, and the authorities are awaiting the test results of his DNA before they file incest and child molestation charges against him. This means that Sara Palin will not have Todd to make the decisions for her, although she can fish and hunt quite well. Perhaps the ONLY DECISIONS she will have ANY experience in are Fish and Game during the next four years.

    Does John McCain have any plans WHATSOEVER when it comes to Forign Relations? Have you heard him SAY SO IN ANY DEBATE OR SPEECH? NO! The ONLY logical answer is that he doesn't have ANY PLANS at all, and just intends to use the same stratagies that haven't worked for the past 8 years. If, according to John Mc Cain HIMSELF, he voted WITH now President George Bush 90% to 95% of the time, does this mean that the actual probability of change is 5% to 10%? Do we need to go into a FULL-DEPRESSION before people will see the right man is NOT John McCain?

  41. It just amazes me that people are blaming PRESIDENT BUSH for all of this.

    I would like to see just one of you step into that mans shoes and do his job for the last 8 years.

    We have been bombed on our own soil and THOUSANDS of people died.

    We have had massive hurricanes that have destroyed much of the south.

    And lets not forget.



    I would rather take my chances on John McCain than a man who constantly says my personal life is none of your business & I don't have to disclose anything to the media.

  42. This is what I don't understand... why would you support McCain when he is for big business?? What is he going to do for you? It is a little frightening to read these blogs and see why people are voting for certain candidates. I have heard decisive action from Obama and nothing from the Republican side. I consider myself as an independent, but in this election, there is a clear winner. If this was the McCain of 2000, crossing the isle and fighting for the people, then this would be a harder decision for me. He has swung so far to the right, he has lost his "Maverick." I have much respect for him but as a senator, not a president. The only people on this merchant circle that should vote for McCain is 250,000 or higher in revenue (and good for you if you if this is the case). If not, the middle class working people will be screwed again (as usual) with McCain. My opinion only... the best thing is to vote on what's right for you.

  43. I'm baffled that in these strange, turbulent times, ANYONE believes a 1st term senator with few accomplishments besides some good speeches has the knowledge to run the United States of America. I ask that you just THINK about this. Would any serious company hire Obama over McCain based solely on experience? Nope.

  44. What is considered equal rights will be more unequal when and if Obama is elected.

  45. I used to be a Republican, I used to believe my party stood for something.

    Now I know it's been taken over by neo-Fascist and Zealots that have so twisted my country over the past 8 yrs.that instead of talking about the economy and the war and health care this presidential candidate is wasting our time trying to incite racial and religious fears.

    The problem is Obama will not be 'Swift-Boated' no matter how hard these swastika wearing racial profiling bigots try to make him into some so called anti-Christ with an Islamic jihad agenda.

    McPalin is full of the things I not only disavow but fear in the Republican party now.

    Used to be Republican meant 'freedom of choice', less govt, independence, pride of country and business.

    Today Republican means, my choice or no choice, less govt FOR THOSE RICH ENOUGH TO AFFORD IT...and most importantly pride of WEALTH and a TOTAL lack of care for the small businesses that made AMERICA GREAT.

    To the Washington Repubs of Bush & Cheney all that MATTERED IS MAKING THE WEALTHY WEALTHIER.

    I have a degree in Economics and Adam Smith (founder of modern Economics) talked about an invisible hand for the business owner that if yo paid a proper wage and cared for your business it would prosper because you followed the principle of 'enlightened self-interest' what the Washington Repubs did was take out ENLIGHTENED and stick to the self interest and say I don't give a damn about those that make me money it's all about THE MONEY

    We'll I'm no bleeding heart Demo but I am voting for Obama because my party is mo longer my party. I believe in God but as a true American I respect every difference in beliefs as well. I respect the capitalistic system we have that has made the USA great but i don't respect those that have bastardised it (I'm taking Wall Street here that forgot it's own primary tenant "there are NO free lunches")and then come crying that they were only reaching out for the American dream. They've perverted the american dream by skipping the most important part

    You have to EARN the wealth you achieve. It doen't come by 'magically' creating some get-rich-quick scam or by turning ouver an investment or steping on someone else. You've got to work and care and share or JUST LIKE IN `29 and Now you'll get kicked in the tail

    that's for reading sorry for ranting


  46. My God! I cannot believe the hateful reteric in some of these comments on both of these candidates. As a Small Business Owner I come in contact with all varities of people. White, Black, Jewish, Asian, Muslim etc. I am also sure everyone has something in there past we are not proud of. This whole idiology idea that Obama is a terrorist or anit-american is rediculous. It is a smoke screen from McCain/Palin to distract americans from the real issues. Both parties are at fault here, greed and the "me first" attitude in gov't has gotten us where we are. This country has lost it's values and their integrity. McCain said he'd rather win a war and lose an election. Well in my opinion, his dirty, venemous, smear campaign he's running now... He's lost his soul to win an election. We don't a need vindictive, wishy washy old troll leading this country!!

  47. My God! I cannot believe the hateful reteric in some of these comments on both of these candidates. As a Small Business Owner I come in contact with all varities of people. White, Black, Jewish, Asian, Muslim etc. I am also sure everyone has something in there past we are not proud of. This whole idiology idea that Obama is a terrorist or anit-american is rediculous. It is a smoke screen from McCain/Palin to distract americans from the real issues. Both parties are at fault here, greed and the "me first" attitude in gov't has gotten us where we are. This country has lost it's values and their integrity. McCain said he'd rather win a war and lose an election. Well in my opinion, his dirty, venemous, smear campaign he's running now... He's lost his soul to win an election. We don't a need vindictive, wishy washy old troll leading this country!!

  48. LOL - this blog is a trip. I can't believe that we are talking about TWO socialist candidates here and no one wants to admit it. The sad fact is we all have to take responsibility for nominating these morons in the first place. I am marginally in Obama's camp because John McCain has been in Congress for 26 YEARS and hasn't changed a single thing and he believes as President that he will? No way you're going to get any 71 year old to change ANYTHING about themselves or what they believe in. John McCain is a war veteran and wants to stay in Iraq indefinitely to fight for the cause of Democracy - he thinks he's still fighting in Vietnam! He still refers to Russia as the evil empire and he wants to invade Iran. The terrorists are hoping we do this because no country can afford to stabilize their economy and pay more than $10B/month to fund a war! As for a socialist agenda - has anyone actually talked about HOW McCain plans to take care of the housing crisis. They discussed this on CNBC just this week. He wants to take the "fair market" value of your home today vs what it was say 3-5 years ago and then provide the bank who financed your home a credit to relieve the mortgage debt. No one has said whether that will translate into dollars back into people's pockets or whether people who have already had their homes foreclosed upon will have a chance to get their homes back but the banks and investors on Wall Street will definitely benefit. Guess who gets stuck holding the bill in taxes - US! So I'm saying no to McCain as well - his policy alone on how to handle the housing crisis in America is 100x worse than any socialist policy that Obama could present and it will bankrupt this country. Obama has issues of his own but you have to weigh the pros and cons and in this case Obama is the lesser of two evils. McCain is not as moral as his campaign makes him out to be. Why did he choose Pahlin as his running mate because big oil is in his back pocket and the major source of his contributions. The big oil companies don't want to see a greener economy under Obama. As for McCain's defense contractor contributors - yep - they don't want to see us pull out of Iraq either because that's less money in their pockets. Anyone who truly believes that ANY politician on Capitol Hill has morals then I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you...

  49. You know it so funny that I hear from these comments that the majority is voting for McCain because everyone I speak to is voting for McCain. But I hear from the radio, the tv, the newspaper that Obama is in the lead. Is the media reporting something other then the truth?

  50. I don't trust Obama. I am not thrilled with McCain but I trust him to make better decisions than Obama. At least I know McCain's background. Obama's is veiled. Is he hiding Chicago corruption and socialistic ideals?

    Thanks for the interesting survey. Too bad the media is pro-Obama. They're too scared to do this survey!

  51. I am overwhelmed that so many think McCain will help the SMALL BUSINESS when his record and past have indicated he is for the BIG BUSINESS. If he were to die in office a much less experienced person and questionable character would be running the country. I am a life-long Republican, but the last 8 years have been a disgrace to our country and I don't want to see more of it. Let's give someone else a chance. McCain had 26 years in the Senate to make changes, and his record is not that great in our favor.

  52. Frankly, as I read some of these hate-filled and ignorant comment, I'm questioning whether I want to remain affilliated with Merchant Circle. With "comment moderation" on, you may choose to not print this, but I'm hoping that you do.

    I am supporting Obama and Biden, proudly. (Frankly, McCain's choice of VP gives me severe doubts about his capability to make wise choices. Political, yes, but not wise.)

    Being President is a unique job, and a difficult one. Obama has the intelligence, diplomacy, character, and background to do it.

    When Henry Ford couldn't get a carbeurator built a certain way, no matter how many carb experts he hired to study and make it work, he decided to hire a couple of guys who worked in the shop. They had never built a carberuator before, so they started it from scratch, using their knowledge and they built exactly what he needed.

    Never in the history of our country has an administration taken away more civil rights, created more debt, or lowered the moral authority of our wonderful country as much as these last 8 years. McCain is more of the same, and Palin is unknown and they're HIDING her from the voters. Does that not make you angry?

    Give me back my country.

  53. We're too good for this..October 10, 2008 at 8:32 AM

    Everyone should really go view this video:

    If you truly feel educated and impartial, your views should change after this video.

    Democrats have a way of viewing reality in a totally different way. For example, they always seem to forget that there is a lag effect seen in the time between when an administration implements their policies, and when we the people, feel the effects. For instance the current financial problems are due to Clinton's policies, and began back in the 90's, how short sided for you to believe that this has happened just within the last 8 years. But you guys are so good at believing the media, and seeing what you want to see instead of impartially searching for facts and evaluating them without your rose colored glasses on. Utopia would be nice, but it is not the reality in which we live, and even if we want to, terrorists don't, never have and never will. We are talking about a culture that has fought amongst themselves for Thousands of years, and you all just want to go have dinner with them and be friends. And god forbid if amongst the canvas of war, some of their innocent citizens get killed, never mind the fact they behead women and children and anyone else who gets in their way, on a regular basis. When I say "them" I do not mean Muslims in general, I refer specifically to the radicals. But the problem with "them" is that they are the dangerous ones, both to us, their own innocents and the innocents of the world.
    You guys are the true racists only voting for Obama because he is black, young & "hip", with the misnomer that he is "one if us"? You have got to be kidding, he is SO NOT one of us, and you all are too stupid to know it. What makes him one of us? I will tell you something, JOHN Mccain is ONE OF US because he fought for, and was a prisoner of war for EACH of us, for over 5 YEARS, Barack Hussein Obama II would not pee on you if you were on fire! And to think there are actually idiots out there who can say "Screw McCain. That old fart won't help anyone.", GO BACK TO SLEEP, and make sure you're sleeping on election day, because your type of ignorance does not deserve to vote!! If you really want to know what has caused our financial problems you might want to watch this video linked above, and see just how Innocent your golden boy is. Not to mention everything else that is coming out about him, ie. election fraud, do you Know how involved he has been with Acorn, local, radical terrorists, and on and on, but I guess that really doesn't matter? He is just a puppet with a pretty face, and is great at telling you what you want to hear? But aren't you tired of that YET? And another thing for those of you that think Mccain is a "typical capitol hill cronie", you so don't know what you're talking about! He and Palin are both closer to you and I than anyone that has run in centuries, if ever, she IS "us" for gods sake, and because she hunts, or is pro life, you all are too ignorant to care about them both being truly, genuinely, ethically minded when it comes to doing their job for US! Those 2 are the ones who can and will change things, they WILL shake up Washington if you're tired of the same ole same ole. But Obama's plans are so ignorant, my 11 year old son could come up with better plans then Obama has. Have you ever actually looked at his "plans" that he talks so much about? They say NOTHING, absolutely nothing, and what little they do say, would be impossible to implement in our democratic nation, (maybe a socialist one however) but he's too ignorant and inexperienced to know it! And so are YOU!! If Obama gets in, I hope you are all prepared to live through one of the scariest times in history, and be willing to blame your ignorance for it.

  54. I will wholeheartedly support Obama/Biden on November4. As a small business owner and a thinking voter, there are more than my own interests at stake. We need change in our country and we won't get it with McCain/Palin.

  55. I had liked McCain a few years ago when he did not suport Bush but in the last couple years he's been a clone. Then when he picked Palin it was such an insult to voters that they would essentially be voting for an intelligent Miss America without a clue to the federal government. I'm willing to give Obama a chance. As a small business owner, I think he is looking out for the middle class. I understand that the very rich vote for McCain as that is who he looks out for.

  56. Why doesn't anyone talk about Obama's vote against the ban on infants born alive act? Even those of you who consider yourselves moderate, liberal or "enlightened" have to agree he is so far left it is scary. Most people will agree that abortion is wrong for late-term pregnancies. But what kind of man would vote to allow a baby born alive to die?

  57. I find it interesting that most of the Obama supporters choose to list themselves as "anonymous" for their posts. Would these be the same anonymous voters that Acorn is registering in Illinois?

  58. Actually, the beginning of the end started 8 years ago when half our country voted for Bush.

    Wake up White people and see that your fear is the reason we're in the mess in the first place. McCain't gonna win. Period.

  59. With Obama in office it will take more from the everyday white guy on the street and give it away to drug dealers & terrorists that don't pay taxes and don't register guns.

  60. What a bunch of morons, you think that buying back a mortgage and refinancing the same dead beat is going to fix things. The people that got those bad mortgages in the first place should never have been allowed to buy.

  61. Reading most of these comments make me ill. It wouldn't matter if Obama had Jesus as his running mate some would never vote for him. The ignorance of the masses are so apparent. You just can't stomach having a black man rule. Plain and simple. No matter how smart. It's always the same. If it's for Obama trust me he will be President if not he won't sometimes what the Lord has in store for someone thank the Lord, man no matter how hard he tries, cannot take it away from him. I even wish the republicans get it back kinda, so that can fix the mess they got us into or go ahead and finish sinking America.

  62. 9milemom WOW Im sure that's your real name. Really Smart aren't ya

  63. Aliya wrote:
    Everyone should really go view this video:

    If you truly feel educated and impartial, your views should change after this video.

    Here is one for you to watch ENJOY !

  64. Politicians use sound bites and say things people want to hear during campaigns, one candidate is more eloquent and a good salesman than the other, but at the end of the day, experience, track record, character, and service to the country is the barometer I am using when choosing the best candidate for the office. What I don't understand is how people believe the Obama "that ONE" has the experience and character. In his book, he admits openly that he used drugs and smoked weed and hang out with those type of people during high school. Ayers introduced him to Chicago politics. He attended service at Jeremiah Wright's church. It's the type of people he hang out with and molded him to be what he is, that helps identify him as a person. Most of what is painted about him by the media and how he is portrayed can not give you the true picture of who Obama is really. I am scared of him because I don't know him enough and what I know reading his books doesn't say much about his character.
    I am not too fond of McCain but at least I know what he stands for and I know he is a better leader in keeping terrorists out of the US.

  65. We're too good for this..October 12, 2008 at 4:38 AM

    Regarding another "Anonymous" post in response to We're too good for this, when I suggested viewing this video

    They write:
    Here is one for you to watch ENJOY !

    My Reply:
    You have really got to be kidding!!
    You honestly think that a video that shows Bush saying the same thing in a few meetings compares to the plethora of information of over 13 years of facts, somehow makes a point?!

    If you had viewed (or thought about what you viewed) in the initial video, Bush was simply working with programs that were already in place initially by Jimmy Carter in 1977, and then "improved" by beloved Clinton in 1995, and fueled for the past 13 years by Democrats in congress. What would you all have accused Bush of if he hadn't supported the Dems lovely idea by trying to work with their stupid programs that already existed???

    Never mind the fact that despite the rhetoric being spewed that "Phil Gramm (R-Texas), McCain's former chief economic advisor, authored the deregulation legislation that made this meltdown possible" you hear very little that Mccain sponsored a bill 3 years ago warning of this, that the Democrats in Congress blocked!

    If that video is all the ammunition you have, you have made my point beautifully, THANK YOU!

  66. I cannot believe the ignorance of some of the comments such as:

    1. "-the last 13 years of Democratic control of congress" - Does anyone remember Phil Gramn as head of the Senate Banking Committee repealing FDR's 1933 Glass-Steagall Act that totally deregulated the banks, allowed cowboy Reaganomics to run rampant across the banking world and into the orwellian world of Hedge and Derivatives.
    2. The question is not who for president; rather, as Lincoln said, "Show me a man that votes for the man, and not the party, and I will show you a man of no consequence!" We are in this mess because of the ideology of the Republican Party, that has not changed ever since it forced Teddy Roosevelt to leave it in 1912.
    3. We need to get back to the mixed economy that FDR built to save the Free Market from its own excesses, and that begins with strict new regulations to stop the crooks. As they say in English Common Law, it ain't a crime if their AIN'T NO LAW against IT!

    G. McNulty, Celebrant of July 4, 1776, The Revolution in Thought and the Enlightenment Philosophy!

  67. I believe Bush inherited everything from Clinton and now it will be passed down to the next president. I will vote for McCain, he has served his country and has more experience. I have a son-in-law who has served in Iraq and most of our servicemen are voting for McCain. They know you cannot have an early troop withdrawal.


  69. Raising taxes for anyone in this economic climate would be a mistake. Anyone who thinks that those companies who bring in 250K per year and will have higher taxes hit them won't affect those companies and individuals who bring in less are sadly mistaken. If you think unemployment is bad now wait until those tax hikes hit the employers who must cut jobs to adapt. I hardly think they will be spending money at any business.

    What we need is for our elected officials to rein in spending and cut govt programs and pork. I believe that after seeing Obama's liberal voting record on this matter, what America needs is a team of "mavericks" that puts their country first. I am one of many business owners whom I know and live in a state that is in play this election year-- NC. Yes, we will be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket.

  70. I'm not voting for either. I'm voting 3rd party, Chuck Baldwin or I'll write in Ron Paul.

  71. While all of the Obama rhetoric sounds wonderful the fact remains that Obama has never established or been accountable for a real budget, never run a company, never run a city, never run a state and has actually worked a grand total of 143 days as a US senator. You cannot even become a district manager for McDonalds after being hired in 143 days! A soldier cannot become a general in 143 days! If the voters would view this election as if they were hiring a key level executive I sincerly doubt that Obama would garner anyone's consideration or support. The presidency is not a training ground for a career!

  72. For those undecided voters Let me suggest you get a copy of David Freddoso's book, "The Case Against Barack Obama". Pages 220 to 234 tell a lot about Obama's Chicago politics and how he used developers like Resko, Davis, and Butler to fill their pockets so his in turn were filled with tax payers $$. This one section in this book which is documented with dates, places, events, and court cases to back it up, should tell all of us Obama is a very corrupt person. If you can't get this book then get either "The Audacity of Deceit" by O'Leary or "The Obama Nation" by Corsi. If Obama is elected the USA will never be the same.
    Edward Perkins, PIP Printing Milw.

  73. Ronald J says,

    We are a nation founded on biblical values. Our constitution was based on the ten commandments. Anytime we have broken away from our faith in the past, we as a people have suffered and not been prosperous. We have tryed to take God out of everything and we wonder why so many catastrophes are happening around the world. God is a gentleman. If we don't want him in our lifes or country, he will stop trying to fix our planet and bless our people. The ten commandments are posted all over the senate, congress, government buildings etc. Once we embrace these values with supporting religous freedom, the sanctity of life, and enforcing marriage between one man and one woman, allowing God back into our government, he will once again bless this nation. Obama is an excellent speaker but like Clinton never really answers a question and/or avoid the questions. We need to get honesty and integrity into government, court systems schools, etc. We need judges that follow the constitution and stop interpreting the laws based on there own liberal lifestile. The government is suppose to represent the majority of the people for the good of the people. McCain and Palin understand what it takes to get us on track. Back to our biblical foundation. Its going to take a few more terms. There is no doubt in mind that if Obama gets in,we are dooomed. And the progress mnade by Bush will be lost. The moslem /islam terriorists are counting on Obama to get in. I pray that this doesn't happen. We can once again prosper with McCain and Palin. God will once again Bless this Nation.
    I'm not for the bailout. Giving the money backed to the ones who caused the problem knowingly will not help. I have several properties and getting a morgage/home equity line was painful. Unlike others I read the fine print. Three times I refused to sign the closing documents. Others I'm sure were not as fortunite.
    Why not give them money to the people who got sucked in to the morgages made to beleive they could afford them by basically criminals over assessing there properties looking for a quick buck. Giving the money to those in need would in fact bail out the banks and saves there morgages, families, etc.

  74. I personnally would not want a newbie running our country,I;m a pro tracker a hunter and was in the army,I don;t want a newbie playing shest game with our country.To many lives at stack &and almost a trillion in debt.Leave the country to the pro;s not gouffy Mr.O

  75. McCain / Bush whats the difference.Don't people watch the news.You've lost more rights and given more govt control over the whole system.I'm said to say that I helped vote the moron in.Screw Iraq we're not their for the terrorist's ,it's to keep Kuwait from collecting on our national debt.Maybe we should send them a bill for the economic loss to our country from our soldiers.But hey look at it on the bright side,when they run out of the oil they'll all starve their in a desert.Lol God Bless America

  76. I think posting a survey that is out dated is misleading (11 days old) I admit 11 days is not normally old, but when McCain changes what little plans he has, ever day, how can a good business owner make a decision to vote for him, when one does not know how his policies would effect a small business.
    Also the survey would be relevant if we knew how many of those business voting in survey, make under $250K.
    My vote is with Obama, at least I know where he stands. And my company would be happy to pay a little more to help out the people making less, who are our customers anyway.
    No more of the same McCain/Bush trickle down theories!

  77. I'm surprised at the survey results. Too many people have failed to realize that Joe the Plumber's business will pay taxes on NET PROFIT over $250K. It's not likely Joe's small company is going to have that kind of profit after payroll and other expenses are deducted. And if it is his net profit then good for him because he's doing well. Any accountant can tell you how to get that net profit figure down through legitimate accounting principles.
    It's great that there is so much activity over this election campaign. But you have to realize there are a lot of half truths and statements taken out of context. You, as a voter, have the responsibility to weed out the truths and discover the real context of things before you make a statement on a blog or decide who you will vote for. In a very similar way, for every day a Senator spends in session he or she spends four doing due diligence, being prepared, knowing the details and talking with your constituency so he can represent himself and his constituency in an intelligent manner. I believe there have been other politicians who have had similar experience (re.:143 Days) and did quite well as President. John Kennedy comes to mind. We are electing a leader. A leader who surrounds himself with talented, intelligent people who have expertise. We need a leader who will be respected by leaders of the rest of the world. We need a leader who other leaders can identify with. While I would enjoy having a beer with the President of the United States, I am more concerned he present a global acumen, so he can converse and negotiate with the leaders of the rest of the world. I think the "good 'ol boy" - cowboy routine doesn't cut it with the rest of the world. We don't need someone who is grounded in the 20th century thinking that might makes right.

  78. It says merchant circle has over 600,00 member and yet under 5,000 completed the survey. I think these are bad stats. I am on merchant circle and did not receive the link to the poll, that I know of. I STRONGLY support Obama, and I am a small business owner. More of the same will not help the economy,and without a substantial and speedy recovery in the economy, my small business will continue to suffer. That's why I am voting for, sending money to (yes I am one of the milions of Very Small donars), and calling on behalf of Obama.



  80. obama or mccain.. two sides of the same animal. the agenda of those in control will still get thru. I voted early, yesterday and wrote in RON PAUL.
    Look into David Icke. He has been talking about what is now going on in our world for 15 years now. Wake up people.. sheeple. Stop buying into the fear tactics that they are using to remove your freedoms in the name of freedom!!! or security.. Inform yourselves. for warned is for armed.

  81. Osama -- Obama. What's the difference they both want the America that we love to die. McCain may not be the best vote, but he has got to be better than a socialist, America hating, terrorist loving, Present voting, liberal.

  82. I would be very interested to know how different the polls would be if they were taken today. Remeber this was taken just after Sarah Palin was added to the Republican ticket and before most of the debates. A lot has changed since then..... including the ECONOMY!

  83. I believe Obama will win, but I simply know and really don't believe he is the best candidate the Democrats could come up with. I've read everything I can on both McCain and Obama; I will vote for McCain. I cannot bring myself to believe anything Obama says...he must have taken the same class on forgetfulness that Bill Clinton did! I do like Palin; I plan on supporting her for President in 2012 if the USA survives that long. God bless and help America.

  84. I respectfully disagree with all the McCain/Palin supporters out there that think Obama's plan is going to hurt small business. Think about it, by re-distributing the wealth in a more equatible manner, more people will have the money in which to afford the goods and services provided by small business, thus making small business grow. Nobody said he was going to give thew money to people who don't pay taxes. You people have been hiding your heads in the sand for the last eight years, and your businesses have been suffering because of it.

    Why would Obama be any less qualified than Sarah Palin. Listen to her speak, and it's very clear she has absolutely no qualifications to be one step away from the presidency.
    George Bush had "business experience" also, and he bankrupted every single business he ever attemped. Take a close look at the effects of Palin's leadership in Alaska and the long term results of that leadership, both as mayor of Wasilla and as Governor.
    It amazes me to think that you would totally ignore Obama's education and background as a constitutional law professor and his background as a comunity organiser as total ignorance and lack of exerience. Give me some examples of legislation that McCain has actually lead, not simply signed onto? The only thing I've heard from McCain so far is that he was a prisoner of war some forty years ago, and that he claims to be a maverick who's going to shake things up. He's been in the congess for 26 years, How much has he shaken things up thus far?

  85. it is NOT too late! share the truth...and get out and vote!
    the choice:
    a man who started his career in the living room of a nationally known and unrepentant terrorist? or a man of honor who has dedicated his life for his country?
    lets not forget ACORN...
    our voting rights are being tron to shreds by this crooked organization. which Obama has been a part of along with Bill Ayers. educate yourselves! and not by listening to the media!
    if our country is so blind then God help us...there is a lot more at stake then your bank account!
    what will happen to free enterprise...i sure don't want to "share the wealth" that i work so hard for!

  86. AS a small businesses owner but non voter because not a citizen, the results of the survey shows what I think of Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are street smart, selfish, not intellectuals at all. Democrat are altruistic, intellectuals, and can run a profitable business.

  87. This country is on its deathbed. Only Obama can cure the many diseases that are killing the patient. McCain will continue GWB idiotic and dishonest management of the country and accelerate its decline.

  88. I really do not understand the mentality of these people that think McCain/Palin are prepared to do ANYTHING good for our country. He comes off as an angry old man that wants his way no matter what! Palin"golly gee" is a real stupid about NO experience! for those people that think McCain/Palin is a good choice, think about if McCain gets in and he has another heart attack, which is most likely to happen,can you imagine Palin as our President? I certainly cannot! She is a power hungry, spoiled little girl that has no business even trying to be vice president. Her own state is protesting against her!!! I think if I could ask her one thing it would be "why is your own state protesting against you"? Her group of friends"the elite 5" my God what does that tell you? My vote is with O'Bama and I think our country has come so far, and I also think O'Bama is courageous just to run for president, with all the threats that are being allowed by the republicans at their rallies. Palin especially should be telling her supporters that the things they yell out are totally inappropriate, but instead she encourages that kind of talk from her supporters like "off with his head" and so disrespectful! They should be considered a threat and removed from the rally! If anyone said those things about George Bush, they would be escorted by security out of the building and questioned as far as the safety of the one who they are talking about

  89. I have a small business for 20 years. The last 8 years have seen my revenues fall by more than 50%. Many of my clients have gone out of business. I can't believe that so many here want to give McCain a shot at it. Why don't we just keep Bush for 8 more years? Are all you people really business owners? I would think that you'd be a little smarter. Do you ALL watch Fox News? Most of you seem ill informed on anything of substance. I just see neo-con garbage that every disgusting talking head shill for the Republican party is spewing out. Come on people, think for yourselves.
    Are you happy with the Palin pick for VP? McCain is a washed up old fart who is being led around by the neo-cons who are scared to death of losing power.
    WAKE-UP before its too late.

  90. I am personally tired of Obama trying to tie McCain to Bush economics. McCain has proven that he is a man that thinks for himself and he does not just do what the previous person does. He will make lasting changes for all of the people of the US. Mr Obama will only make favorable changes for those that line his pockets with Gold. I would think that voters would see by the amount of money he has to waste on TV ads that he has some big money people trying to get him elected. I would think that people could easily see that the press highly favors him. I can't wait til the people of the US finally get to say what we really think come 11-4.
    By the way, does anybody know when the Presidential campaigns for 2012will begin? I wuld like to see a law passed that they can't start this folloishness until 6 months before the general election personally...

  91. Its interesting that you can all igonore the situation this country has been put in by the past administration and the party of John McCain. We need change and Obama does offer the direction the country should be going. We need health care for all americans, we need to balance our budget and quit this ridiculous pretense that lower taxes is the answer. We need a Supreme Court that is independent and not tied to any ideology. We need to solve our standing in the world and again become a leader not a country that tries to dictate to the rest of the world. John McCain is a good man but tied to failed policies and advisors of the Republican party, and has indicated that by his totally incompetent choice of a running mate, this decision alone is reason not to trust him with other decisions for this country. Wake up America we need to put someone in office who will work to unit this country and put the all the people first.

  92. As a prior military (NAVY) man and a business owner, I can not see any red blooded AMERICAN voting for an arab with ties to a radical muslim influence. (Read his book) That is definitely not what this GREAT COUNTRY needs for our future! After looking and reviewing this survey I have come to the realization that there are a few turnips that have fallen off the truck. You people who believe that a liberal democrat who is willing to spread the wealth might help this country out of this slump have all received a bruise on your turnip. What this GREAT COUNTRY needs is a LEADER with guts!!! I will certainly cast my vote for a man who withstood 6 years of torture to hold his GREAT COUNTRY close to his heart and protect those of you with bruised turnips along with his supporters. But, I think you have forgotten what this country experienced 9/11. May GOD bless this GREAT COUNTRY and keep us safe from you turnip heads and your silly notions that what we need is Senator Tarzan (Barack Hussein Obama). His name is not of black origin it is muslim. Tarzan comes from Dr. James David Manning @ Atlah Ministries (Google him - see what he has to say)!!

  93. IMO, neither is the answer, but McCain is even less so. Taxing health care benefits? As business owners, how is that helping? As for the latest McCain strategy of calling Obama a socialist, what a farce. What about the bailout? Isn't that socialist by definition? Right now we have socialism for the big corporations and capitalism for everyone else to ease in the exploitation of the middle and lower classes. The trickle down idea didn't work in the 80's and it's not working now. It's a joke they keep telling us over and over, but never ends up working because the people at the top hoard the money they are supposed to let "trickle down." So if your business makes less than 1/4 million/yr, you would be voting against your own economic interests when voting for McCain..And all I have to say about Palin is she reminds me a ditsy cheerleader I dated in high school who I didn't date for her intelligence or intellect :)...totally inadequate and incompetent..

  94. Come on people! Who would vote for someone with such little experience for the #1 job in America. At least Palin has had some experience, Obama has none!

  95. Okay will everyone just take a few minutes for a lesson in economics. Thank you. I am tired of hearing the muck about the last 8 years. Trickle-down economics works! The problem is that what one president does to change the economy isn't realized until his 8 years are over. The prosperity during teh Clinton Administration was the result of 12 years of conservative economic policies. Then Clinton, like the Democrat Presidents before him, destroyed everything good by implementing socialist policies including the the "you have to give them a loan whether they can pay it back or not" policies that got us into our current economic depression. bush has been busy trying to protect us and the rest of the world from Terrorism, along with trying to give the Iraqi's and Afgan's a civilized form of government, so as to promote some individual rights in those long oppressed regions.
    Granted, he promised economic reform during his first election, but was just slightly distracted from his intentions when were attacked by Islamic terrorists his first year in office.
    Then to be slammed with a democratic congress that fought him every step of the way in everything he tried to accomplish. ..
    I'd like to see you do any better.
    Finally, McCain is not Bush. He is far more experienced than Bush was when he was elected. He has experience in war--lots of it! He knows how to win and end the war, not just surrender as Hussein Obama would do, and he does understand economics.
    Finally, during one of the debates, I heard Obama state that the average American Health Care Policy cost $12,000. Unbelievable! I am a small business owner. Very Small. Our gross receipts for a year are around $300,000. I purchase health care for my wife, my son and myself for for a total of $9000/year. We have great coverage! My has major health issues that cost a lot, but our rates are still less than half ($4,000 for me, $5,000 for my wife and son) than Obama claims one policy should cost!!!! This is just another example of how government doing anything costs double or more than the private sector doing the same task!!!
    If Obama is elected, we may as well change the name of the country to the USSRA!!! Heck, if Obama's elected, I may just move to Central America--maybe Honduras or some other up and coming republic! At least their government is still small and manageable.

  96. I think it is important in these uncertain times that we remember Freedom is NOT FREE. With that said, I invite every American to better educate themselves on what 911 and the war on terror actually mean. Every American should understand the meaning of Islamic Jihad. If you don't you can learn more at (by the way I have not affiliation with this site....I am just the owner of a small retail store in Colorado.)

    Then ask yourself which candidate do you trust to protect our freedoms and our country. If our country is not safe, the economy won't mean a whole lot.

  97. I have to laugh when the Non-Progressives cry that Obama is a Socialist. Is it not a FACT that Palin has created a Corporate Windfall Gains tax upon the Oil Industry and then DISTRIBUTES IT to every Alaskan in form of a WELFARE payout? That is THE definition of "WELFARE" Socialism. The President of the US with his "Bailout Plan" is an example of "CORPORATE Socialism. It bothers me not one bit that the Progressives want to offer DEMOCRATIC Socialism as in the ACCESS to affordable health care which benefits all American citizens. It's time for people to actually see both sides of the coin rather that spout talk radio nonsense.

  98. I don't understand why the Democratic responses here are made of foul language and name calling. No real issues are mentioned mainly I suppose because no one can really say what qualifies Obama, it is usually just because. Half of those supporting Obama are those of you that have responded to this survey and the other half vote Obama because they are welfare recipients and Obama will get them more money.

  99. its not about the experience, or lack of, of the candidate! its about his ability to reason and access a situation. its about having the intelligence to communicate with foreign dignitaries. In addition, McCain is too old! We need someone that understands the technology of the 21st Century... or at least that of the last 10 years!

  100. YOU KNOW WHAT KILLS ME ?Oh wait a minute i am an adult and Obama only kills the children .I cannot understand why the liberals want a person that kills babies ,he lied about his record on abortion ,he lied about his supporting Ayers,oh but he was only eight years old when Ayers bombs went off,but he was what a child also when he launched his democratic career in Ayers living room and endorsed his book ..come on America ,please,, work for what you get ,like you fathers did !do we really want to spread the wealth ?and loose our pride in a job well done ?Ido not have much ,and free money sounds great !but not at the cost of my spirit or my soul ...wake up America..for all that cannot.

  101. Obama is like the Pied Piper, look at all those rats dancing to his tune. I too am frightened by this guy and his ability to have so many blindly following him. I for one will never support this socialist. Let's see him share his wealth.

  102. Im Voting Democrat...Yeah Righ!

    I'm voting Democrat because I believe the government will do a better
    job of spending the money I earn than I would.

    I'm voting Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long as
    nobody is offended by it.

    I'm voting Democrat because when we pull out of Iraq , I trust that
    the bad guys will stop what they're doing because they now think we're
    good people

    I'm voting Democrat because I believe that people who can't tell us
    if it will rain on Friday CAN tell us that the polar ice caps will melt
    away in ten years if I don't start driving a Prius.

    I'm voting Democrat because I'm not concerned about the
    slaughter of 20millions of babies so long as we keep all death row
    inmates alive.

    I'm voting Democrat because I believe that business should not be
    allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and give the
    rest away to the government for redistribution as THEY see fit.

    I'm voting Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to
    rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who
    would NEVER get their agendas past the voters.

    I'm voting Democrat because I believe that open borders and
    government give-aways to foreigners is a great way to grow a nation.

    I'm voting Democrat because I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun,
    and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers
    and thieves.

    I'm voting Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry
    whatever I want. I've decided to marry my horse.

    I'm voting Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on
    a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing the same gallon
    of gas at 15% isn't.

    And MY personal favorite...

    I'm voting Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my REAR
    it's unlikely that I'll ever have another point of view.

  103. 10 cautionary tales to remember before we settle for Obama

    Posted by Cassy Fiano
    Published: February 26, 2008 - 11:08 AM

    A lot of people seem content to just resign themselves to an Obama presidency. Well, newsflash folks, Obama's presidency is not inevitable, and it isn't likely to be just another "Carter presidency". It isn't likely to give us another Reagan, either -- great leaders like don't come around every four years. I'm not going to lecture anyone right now about supporting McCain, but I do want to remind people of just what we'll be getting into by settling for Obama. Here's a refresher on the problems we have with Barack Hussein Obama, the most liberal senator in the United States Senate:

    The man Obama calls his mentor is a known communist. A President with Communist leanings: exactly what this country needs!

    Obama refused to hold his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. The Flag code states that all should put their right hand over their heart during the National Anthem when the flag is also displayed, except those in uniform. But don't question his patriotism or anything.

    Obama also seems to have a problem with wearing a flag pin because to him it's "unpatriotic". But, you know, he LOVES his country and all.

    Obama wants us to pay 845 billion dollars to help the U.N. "relieve global poverty". We, the taxpayers, will of course be the ones to pick up the tab.

    Obama associated with 1960s violent anti-war radicals, including some whose acts escalated to terrorism.

    Obama supporters can't even name a single thing he has accomplished.

    Obama is a Che Guevara fan -- you know, the Cuban murderer that liberals like to celebrate.

    Who can forget Texas State Senator Kirk Watson, an Obama supporter who couldn't name a single legislative accomplishment during Obama's short time in the Senate?

    As President, Obama is promising us 850 billion dollars in new spending, 850 billion of which will likely be wasted.

    8 things you should know about the relationship between Obama and Tony Rezko.

    Feel free to reproduce these links -- apparently we need to be reminded of just what it is we'll be getting with an Obama presidency.

  104. I hope Schmidt can bring McCain back to reality and help him see that he has been running as a screwed up liberal Democrat. Of course, Juan McCain was not way left like Barry Obama and he has not had nearly as many missteps as Hussein Obama has.

    At least with McCain, when he salutes the flag you know he means it.
    With Obama you wonder what flag he is really saluting, assuming he does salute anything.

    If I were in the military i'd be very nervous with Obama running things.

    I hope Schmidt can bring McCain back to reality and help him see that he has been running as a screwed up liberal Democrat. Of course, Juan McCain was not way left like Barry Obama and he has not had nearly as many missteps as Hussein Obama has.

    At least with McCain, when he salutes the flag you know he means it.
    With Obama you wonder what flag he is really saluting, assuming he does salute anything.

    If I were in the military i'd be very nervous with Obama running things.

  105. I know my two cents probably isn't worth much but here it is. For years the only choice we've had for a president is between a religous right wing nut job and a liberal left wing, sometimes religous, nut job. Does anyone think maybe that's the problem. Why dont we start electing people who base their political desisions on what is good for everyone instead of what will get them elected. Another point, I dont blame congress for screwing things up, I blame myself because I have been electing these idiots into office just like the rest of you. Stop and think about, maybe we should all vote libertarian this year where the motto is less taxes, less government, less problems. I know if I vote for Bob Barr he still wont get elected but at least I will sleep at night knowing I chose for the right reasons instead of the lesser of two evils.

  106. Hi,
    I didn't hear about this election, but my small business votes Obama. I feel he has a steady hand and makes intelligent decisions. I am very alarmed by the McCain/Palin ticket and fail to see their merits.

  107. I am a small business owner. I know that by voting for John McCain I may loose money. But I truly believe that we may be risking our lives with Obama. I would rather loose money than lives.

    I look at both and agree we have a hard choice to make. But if you take the time to look at everything, it is a choice of going to war with terrorist, or the possible loss of money and job cuts. I am not going to get into the details since most of the above posts have already done so. But if you look at what was written above and have to make a choice, then I would almost put money on the vote for McCain. Obama has many things that make him look very suspicious. And that is never good when you are talking about someone that will be leading our country.

    But we all have the freedom to vote as we want, I just hope that everyone really looks at this completely, then make a informed decision.

  108. I could not understand how the majority of people polled were on the Obama side. So i went Googling for a poll that surveyed small businesses. My personal views were reaffirmed. The people who understand what makes our economy run, are in favor of McCain. Those who understand that America IS the land of opportunity and freedom, those who have toiled to build businesses and subsequently jobs, know that higher taxes and bigger governement will slow our economy even more. The origins of the current economic crisis are as numerous as the stars. Many are to blame, not a single person or party. Most Americans are over their heads in debt, our government is over its head in debt. We are doomed if we have a far left president with a far left congress. Social Securty is going to be bankrupt by 2040. Medicare will be negative by 2018. With our government deficit where it is currently, we will be going to have even more debt with big government. Go ahead all you Obama supporters. Send us over the edge. Send the economy, our nation and the world into a tailspin that will never recover. If all your wished come true you can start reading about your future in the Book of Revelations!

  109. Even if only 10% is true we are in trouble, heck...if only 1% is true all Americans are in trouble!

  110. Israel Insider Staff said...

    I am a Zionist

  111. I have been saying this for almost a year No one in the political arena seems to care why they really don't care about us either side. My point which is on my website mentioned here is take these bad properties out there retro fit them with Alternative Energy sources and if they sit they will at least make some cash selling power to the utility company's. Its so simple its stupid! But spending 700bill for some guys to go golfing is more important!

  112. "This is an impressive crowd. The "haves" and the "have-mores". Some people call you the "elite". I call you my base."
    George W. Bush during 2000 camapign

  113. Oh well, I am a small business owner. I am a christian and I am American.
    I see that most of the small businesses are supporting McCain for what ever reasons. We all have our choices and reasons. The most things that I have heard is that Obama is not experienced enough to do the job. My question is who is? Neither one has ever been in this position before.
    Just because one is dark skin and the other is white doesn't make him any better suited for the job just because it's the race normally put into office. My take on the whole thing is what if we put McCain in office, and his health fails him? Are we ready for the governor of a 3rd world country that we own to be in charge? And what makes her qualified? She can't even run her own household. (Did you see the picture of her grand daughter giving someone the middle finger?)
    And do we really need our insurance taxed? Or do we really need to start a fight with Iran? How about the small business owner who will end up paying more to get it's employees insurance. I'm sure you'll love that SMB's.
    But I guess a host of SNL show be good enough to run our country.
    Also think about this, America. Do we have any more companies to send out of the country? Do we have any more money to give to other countries to allow their people to come here and get loans to start businesses that cheat americans out of good services and products? NAFTA is why our economy is down, the masses are not benefiting from it. And neither is small business. So do we need to keep this up another 4 to 8 years?
    OH!! and last but not least, USA is not for sale. So quit selling your businesses to other countries. Don't be so greedy!!!

  114. I truly hope the GOP learns a lesson in future Presidential elections. Quit putting up old guys and old "Washington" guys up for President. They put Bob Dole up and now McCain. It is a failed approach. That approach does not excite or motivate anyone. Reagan may have been the only exception we will see in our lifetime.

  115. Everyone is complaining about socialism. What do you call it when the government bails out banks, car manufacturers and insurance companies? Bush, the son, is the 43rd best president we ever had. ( How is that for a positive spin? )

    Reagan was not far behind. He was never actually the president. It was just a role he played for 8 years.

    Check out history and you will find that a few years following EVERY tax cut for the wealthy, there was a recession. It just doesn't work.

    The cutoff point needs to be realistic. I don't mean $250,000 or even a million. If you are making over $3 mil a year, you should be taxed on the overage. This would encourage keeping money in the business for expansion. It works.

    As to Obama, let's see. He absolutely can not do worse.

  116. Interesting result graphs. Thanks for sharing!