Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things Just Keep Looking Up!

We made a big announcement today that has big implications for you guys and gals. How does more local consumers checking out your MerchantCircle pages sound? Good? Well, I hope so, because our partnership with Citysearch will mean more eyeballs, more traffic, and more options as you find more local customers through the web.

You can read the press release here. But don't forget to check out these two articles below that will provide a little more insight. We'll have more details coming up.....
Kevin Leu
Community Relation

1 comment:

  1. I have evaluated CitySearch in the recent past and found their interface to be poor and their business model sticks it to the small guy - not to mention their customer service is weak. I hope you can maintain your autonomy on this one. I smell an exit strategy and if that is true good luck(I dont blame you). It was nice to work with you.