Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Continuing to Bring You More Local Customers

Since my cofounder, Wayne Yamamoto, and I founded MerchantCircle and started building the company with a great team, including Doug Kilponen and Jason Culverhouse, we've never forgotten our mission of bringing local merchants more local customers. Throughout our growth, we've always emphasized and strived to make sure that local business owners had a place on the web where they could attract and engage new customers, regardless of tech knowledge, or costs.
From the day our first merchants signed on over 17 months ago and now almost 250,000 merchants later, we've become the largest and fastest growing network of local business owners in the nation. That's a fact we're very proud of and we take that responsibility very seriously. From the partnerships we form, to new features we implement on MerchantCircle, we want to make sure we represent you well - getting you seen by as many new customers as possible.

The web may be a complicated mix of adwords, .coms, .orgs, user-generated content, and three letter acronyms, but we want to make sure that's it not so complicated. After all, your business livelihood depends on it. More and more people are turning to the web to search for their goods and services and it's imperative you be found on top search engines. We want to help you get there, and it's a mission and view we've held steady from day one.

Our recent news, announcing another round of funding, will help us bring you more customer engaging opportunities. We've got a lot more in store for you, as we expect the MerchantCircle network to grow to 1 million merchants by next year. Thank you for all your support over the last year and a half, and we look forward to your business success.

Ben Smith
Chairman and Cofounder, MerchantCircle

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