Friday, November 2, 2007

Stepping up to the Plate....

It's always exciting to add new members to your team, whether it's a sports team or work team. But unlike most sports teams, community and recreation for example, not everyone has to play or gets to play at work - and that's a good thing! It's a totally different ballgame, shall we say.

We look for the best and brightest when it comes to who we want to come work for us. Whether you own the coffee shop down the street, or the accounting firm in downtown, you want to find the people who will fit in best.

Here at MerchantCircle we're excited to announce the addition of our newest teammate - Darren Waddell. Darren joins us as the Senior Director of Marketing and brings with him a wealth of experience. (You can read the press release here.)

Darren may be starting for us at work, but when it comes to video games and Halo - he still warms the bench.

Kevin L.
Community Relations

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