Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who Sucks?

'You suck!'

Would you take it personally if someone out there wrote about you or your business in that way? I would hate to assume, but I would and have. I use to be a television reporter and while you're taught to have a thick skin, inevitably someone out there thinks you do indeed, 'suck'. Unfortunately,

Being an on-air personality, much like being a business owner, you do have to take into consideration what your audience thinks. And while you can't make everyone happy, you do try your darnedest. Management never showed me what our viewers complained about, but I assume it's the same things I complain about when I watch a newscast: "her hair looks like a helmet," "his voice is too nasally," and my favorite, "did this station take a good look at their reporters before they went HD?"

We're all critics, but wouldn't it be great if everything everyone said or wrote about you could be found in one place? That way you can absorb everything people say about you and make the changes you feel necessary. Well, that's what we've done for you here at MerchantCircle. Our merchants can now sign in and see all the reviews and ratings that people have left for them on third party online sites.

People ARE writing about you on the internet. In fact, several websites cater strictly to customer reviews. Instead of trying to figure out where all this information is at, you can see it all under your Merchant Dashboard. We call it the Web Identity Manager and it's just one of the numerous free tools we provide to make sure you can easily handle your online needs from one location.

Check it out, I guarantee that it doesn't..... well, suck.

Community Relations


  1. Kevin, do you have a list of the 3rd party sites you're tracking for MC users? It's a pretty big claim to say a business can monitor "all" other sites with business listings and reviews.

  2. Does this tracking go for other sites such as where it is all user posts?

  3. Hey, you have a glitch in the number of "stars" you give to CitySearch reviews.

    My business, DJ-MC Entertainment, has 25 reviews, with a customer service score of "9.2". Every single one of those 25 reviews got "Highly Recommended" (either 9 or 10 on the CitySearch scale)

    Yet my review on CitySearch only get "3 stars" at Merchant Circle.

    I hope you can fix this glitch, as it makes me look like a slouch with "3 star" reviews.