Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Shoppers Like Small Businesses

As we are now midstream in the holiday season, I'd like to encourage all of you small business owners to continue updating your websites. As stores fill with shoppers and roads cram with cars, many customers will opt to take a load off and browse the internet for good deals instead of fighting the masses. This means more opportunity for your website to be picked up by their Google and Yahoo searches!

I just read a BusinessWeek article that quoted a nationwide survey of 2,766 U.S. adults that said 75% planned to buy from small businesses online. And even if you don't sell your products online, having an online profile greatly increases your chances of catching the eye of online shoppers. According to this same survey, the reason these customers preferred to shop at small businesses was because they offer "variety, value, and unique gifts."

So enjoy the season and take advantage of an increase in online shoppers. Show off your coupons and fill your regular customers in on your unique gifts this season!

Check out a couple of our merchants who have the right idea.

1. Ackley's Rock and Stamps of Colorado Springs, CO.
2. Max Muscle of Akron, OH.
3. Therapeutic Massage - Self Kimberly LMP of Burlington, WA.

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