Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Sopranos

Last week on The Sopranos.

When a couple of goons try to shake down a Starbucks, the manager explains that everything for the 10,000 stores has to go through corporate.

The manager later responds to a little more forceful request for money and some threats with "They have like 10,000 stores in North America, I don’t think they would feel anything, if there was any broken windows at the store". The Mafia guys are walking away when one of them says..

"It’s over for the little guy"

Well at MerchantCircle we know it’s not over for the little guy, but we do know it is tough. That’s why all our energy has been focused on helping local businesses to get more local customers by connecting with one another and by leveraging the "Local Internet" to drive local success.

Later on in the episode, there was the real estate lady trying to buy the Caputo Live Poultry storefront (a property owned by Tony Soprano) for a Jamba Juice. Tony did his part by saying he did not want to sell out from under Caputo. He is just trying to protect the neighborhood with businesses like Ralph Piccolos Pizza and Manolos. He then dropped by and raised the poor guy’s rent. When the real estate lady comes and offers more, he points out as a reason not to do the deal..."You drive around America today and everything looks the same with the Ole Old Navy and Bed Bath and whatever, but the North Ward, it’s the North Ward."

But, of course Tony finally took the deal from the real estate lady and sold the business out from under Caputo Live Poultry.

Sounds like a Yellow Pages sales guy to me.


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