Friday, May 19, 2006

Merchant Activities

I like to see what our merchants are up too so I often scour through our many listings to take a look at what's new and interesting. Check out some of these excellent merchant pages being created.

All American Gutter
Majestic Art Gallery
Cordova Wellness Center
Blonde Bear Bed and Breakfast

Great stuff guys!

Among these, I also ran across AnnaBelle's Bakery in Dayton, Kentucky and apparently she is having her Grand Opening tomorrow - May 20th 2006! This is definitely a first for MerchantCircle and we welcome her advertisement on our site. It goes to show yet another way to get the word out and to bring the power of the Local Internet to local businesses.

This is excellent news and I wish you the best! Definitely keep us all posted on your happenings.

best regards,

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  1. MerchantCircle is great I hope to use all they have to offer soon wow it is nice to see how well your pictures come in. I hope to have over 1,000 affiliates before year end that is our goal for now.
    Great site lots of help thank you.
    Sharon K. Mott