Tuesday, May 9, 2006


MySpace Small Business Listing

I recently found this listing on MySpace and started wondering what merchants are trying to do with this. Obviously they want exposure and posting a profile on MySpace isn’t a half bad idea; but what they truly need to do, is to take a look at MerchantCircle.

Let me just give you a few reasons.

1) We’re made with merchants in mind. Everything you see on our site from connecting with the community, creating coupons, and placing advertisements has all been developed from what small business owners have told us.
2) Merchants from all over the nation have already started joining their perspective communities. Check out your neighborhood today and see who already is involved.
3) Customers are searching. Be ranked in the top ten, have customer requested deals sent to you, and see more customers come through your door.

So, if you know of anyone using MySpace or any other service for that matter, point them in the MerchantCircle direction; they won't be sorry.



  1. I visited MySpace and didn't think it was very appealing for advertising my business, and so I didn't. MerchantCircle, in my opinion offers more of what serious professionals are looking for in advertsing and promotional opportunities.

  2. I agree Doris. For the most part it's due to MySpace's popularity but once the word gets out more about MerchantCircle and how we cater to the local business community; the value will be seen.