Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New MerchantCircle Product Releases Include City "Mayor" Program and Dashboard Redesign

We have exciting product news this month!

We are very pleased to announce MerchantCircle “Mayor” program, designed to help you build your brand and increase your network!

The MerchantCircle member in each city with the most connections will be declared “Mayor”. And when you're the mayor, we'll make sure that people know!

As Mayor, you'll be promoted to the top of your city's leaderboard and made visible to all local consumers searching in your city – and best of all it’s FREE! You'll also score the coveted “Mayor” badge, located on the top of your personal listing page.

Learn more about the MerchantCircle “Mayor” program by viewing this video overview


In addition to the new MerchantCircle “Mayor” feature, we’ve made two significant changes to the network that we think you’re going to enjoy quite a bit. Both changes come from the feedback we’ve received from our most active members, so be sure to visit the MerchantCircle forum to let us know when you have an idea for how we might improve!


New and Improved Dashboard

Over the years, we’ve added a lot of features to the MerchantCircle platform to allow you to express yourself online. As the number of features has grown, we’ve struggled to fit everything into a dashboard that was designed five years ago! That’s why we’re introducing our new dashboard design that provides simpler navigation and a cleaner look and feel, all created to make it easier for you to promote your business online. All the current features are still available, but they’re now easier to find.

To get see the new dashboard in action, check out this short video we’ve created. We’d love to hear your feedback


Unlimited member connections

For all you social butterflies out there, we’re happy to report that we will be lifting the membership “cap” to allow you to connect with more members. So have fun! And remember inviting and connecting with new MerchantCircle members in your town will help get you elected “Mayor”!


Jeremy Kreitler, VP Product Management

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    In regards to your new "Mayors" program, I thought we are the most "connected" merchant member in San Francisco with 200+ connections VS the current major with slightly more then 100 connections. Are we mistaken on how we count it or you have other criterias?