Monday, June 7, 2010

MerchantCircle Announces Free New Tools and Product Improvements for Small Business Owners!

Drumroll please…

Several months ago, with our small business merchants in mind, the MC team hit the whiteboards – brainstorming how we could provide even better tools for easy online networking, increased productivity, and budget conscience marketing.

We've logged lots of late nights, ordered more take-out than anyone should reasonably ingest and our deeply committed engineering team had family members consider filing Missing Person's Reports...

And now, we're very excited to unveil the latest and greatest FREE MerchantCircle programs and improvements- designed just for you!

We've taken all of your feedback, product suggestions, and feature requests and created some pretty cool stuff. But you'll have to stay tuned to get all the info!

All this week we'll be posting blogs from different MerchantCircle team members detailing the bells and whistles of each new feature. And let me just tell you, these labors of love will make you happy!

Here's what to look for…

We went back to the drawing board to totally redesign our Dashboard page- making it faster and easier for you to connect to other merchants, create fantastic content, and engage your customers. Get excited! It will change the way you work. Keep an eye out for Jeremy's blog- he's gonna hook you up with serious specifics.

A new policy has been passed and the race is on. MerchantCircle Mayors is a new campaign that will keep you running to the polls. Win the office in your city and we'll make sure your constituents know. Elect to take advantage of this win-win program. (Here's a hint: Check your inbox for my Tuesday Tip!)

There's one more surprise up our MerchantCircle t-shirt sleeves. All I'm sayin' for now is that I know a few Community Leaders who will be VERY, very excited. (Yes guys, we're listening!) MerchantCircle staple, Mr.David Gwynn, will break this top-secret story later in the week!

See you in The Circle!


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