Friday, April 16, 2010

Give your city the locals only touch with our City Pages

At MerchantCircle we're constantly on the look out for ways in which we can bring local businesses any type of exposure to help them grow. During this time we've noticed that merchants care deeply about their cities, neighborhoods and their community. We've personally heard this as well as noticed the increased participation in our Answers feature, involvement in the forums and contributions to our city pages.

Because of this interest we've decided to take a step in the direction of allowing our merchants to start participating in building out the description and content on what their city is about. Things like what makes it interesting, the best places to shop, and local points of interest all to be composed by the people who we believe are part of the pillars/stalwarts of the community..local business owners.

It's still a work in progress but check out our first step.

Our Mountain View, CA page has already been edited. Feel free to expand what merchants have contributed by adding more about what makes Mountain View, CA special. Of course don't stop there, know that you can contribute to any city in the United States. Here's a look at those in CA alone! So if you have great things to say about your hometown then go for it!

As always we're constantly refining our product so check back often to see what improvements have been made. We already have some great ideas and will be expanding this feature to include additional areas where local business owners can contribute even more.

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