Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Asked if it Was Fishy, and You Were Right!

First of all, we'd like to extend our apologies to everyone who received a MerchantCircle Alert email this evening. We've been working on a system to help validate and maintain the integrity of our network, and in doing so, had an email server error that sent the message out. As our network has grown to nearly 600,000 merchants, we are constantly looking at ways to make your MerchantCircle network the best it can be.

We're greatful that many of you found the error, and began addressing it yourself in our MerchantCircle forums (found here) and via email. Some of our recent Showcase Merchants (found here) began to tell me something just didn't seem right - and it wasn't. This was the network we envisioned from the beginning when we launched with 5,000 merchants in June of 2006. We wanted every local business owner in the nation to be able to join MerchantCircle for free, get new customers through search engines, and network with each other - solving problems with the help of merchants all across the nation. Our network is what it is because of you. With a small team of 16 employees, it sure does help to have 600,000 voices guiding you along the way.
As a sign of our appreciation, we'd like to extend to you two free areas of coverage with our Local Plus Product - which means your business will increase it's odds of being found during searches outside of your area. Email to redeem your extra areas of coverage.

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  1. I appreciate the quick action you took on this. In fact, I think you had discovered and solved it before I even noticed it last night.

  2. I am a small business owner in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. The Name of our company is Mortgage Broker Network Group(MBNG). There is a blog on one of our advertisements from a disgruntled former employee that is slanderous-this blog is dated Sept.12 and needs to be removed.They signed this big bubba stoops phone 712-4151. The advertisement was created by a loan officer-reply to 918-449-9838