Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Local is Everywhere!

That sounds like a paradox, but trust us -- its true! That is one of the main take-aways Kevin and I had after attending The Kelsey Group's Directory Driven Commerce Conference: The Future of Yellow Pages.

As technology opens our doors to new ways of finding, accessing, and processing information, local is going everywhere. Our local communities and favorite local spots are no longer confined to the streets in our neighborhood that we discover by walking around. Now local is discovered by consumers through online and mobile technologies including video, sms, and even video-games.
pam and irit
Hence, small business are continually finding and learning about consumer behaviors online. But how do you navigate with all the new technology options and new tracking mechanisms including call-tracking and web analytics. As a small business in a complex ecosystem of new options how do you find the right technology?

Those are the questions that we answer and continually explore to better serve our merchants. The big media giants no longer have all the answers and solutions to the pains of small businesses. For us, going to the panels and networking events thoughtfully put together by Pam and John Kelsey and their hard working team, gives us the ability to learn and connect with the right partners so that we can help local be everywhere but manageable.

Its just a matter of working together, learning from one another, and making friends a long the way.


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