Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I like linking to you, you like linking to me?

OK, at this point you're probably a little tired of all the Borat impersonations. I just saw this cool Borat spoof on the web. Check it out below:

It's so true though. The Borat routine is getting to be a tired one amongst inebriated friends. I don't even feel the need for a courtesy laugh anymore. Nonetheless, Borat would "like" our new features.

For instance, we added the option to include more links on your MerchantCircle page. We realize a lot of you are on a number of different networks - and you should be. Now a customer finding you on MerchantCircle can find you every other place you're at. (Just watch your back when you're in the John. And don't drop the soap!)
Don't Drop the Soap
Another new feature is our 'Local Plus' meaning you can now find customers outside of your business area. So if you're located in Fort Worth, you can add an extra city to your search parameters. In this case, you'd almost certainly want to add Dallas so that customers can find you in search engines while looking for businesses in Dallas.

And widget mania is not over. Thanks to an overwhelming response to the original release, we're adding a coupon widget as well as a blog widget. That is freakin neat! I can't wait to see what cool things you guys and gals will do with these new tools. Now you can have sexytime all over the web!

Kevin Leu
Community Relations

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