Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's Not You, It's Me....

MerchantCircle does things differently that everyone else. No qualms about it.

Other sites give complete control to customers and their reviews. We give complete control to you, the business owner. Don't like a review? Delete it. Want to customize your business listing? It's yours. Upload pictures, blog about your business, build coupons, share tips... whatever you'd like.

We want to make sure that the web isn't a scary place for you to navigate, but we also want to make you aware that customers are writing reviews about your business on the web. We want to show them to you and many times those reviews aren't flattering. Don't take it personal with us. We just want to let you know so that you can manage your online reputation.

We're different. I've already said that, but we're different because we're letting you know that this information is out there. No one else is doing that. The web is a rapidly changing, consumer-driven destination. It's only fair that you can keep track of it all.

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