Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Death of a Tie

tie collection
I have a pretty nice collection of ties leftover from my days as a news reporter and I'm sad I haven't worn a tie in almost a year. Those darn things cost a bundle and now, thanks to those darn techies and their tattered jeans and hoodies, I have to dress like a pauper! Gone are the days when I could hide my battered ego and self-esteem behind a well placed tie-shirt-suit combination. Gone are the days when I'd lie in bed giddy about the possible combinations and permutations. Gone are the days when I felt better than everyone else.

Oh, so sad. Now I get the feeling that my mom thinks I don't have a job because of what I wear to work. (A lot of people still live with their moms - of course most of them are under 18....)
loser guy

Although I've lost my ties, and my self-aggrandizing ways, I've gained much more in terms of story quality. I use to chase the stories everyday, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Now I know I've got a great story to tell everyday.

It's nice to tell people I work for a company that provides a web presence free of charge to any business owner that needs one. It's nice to be able to tell people that search-engine-optimization isn't only for the Big Box retailers and the rich. It's nice to be able to say that the local web space is full of consumer reviews and we make sure business owners have a chance - MerchantCircle.

Now if only I could bring back the tie......

Community Relations

P.S. Check out this tie-less guy. At least he doesn't have a pocket protector.


  1. Yo, that looks like the bargain tie counter at Penney's.

  2. Kevin, you have clearly come up with another idea for rewarding merchants who have great Merchantcircle listing or sharing Merchantcircle with other merchants. They all get one of your ties since you don't need them any more.

  3. I got a smile out of your tieless atire! I am in the business of making window dressings and someone asked me to make something from some beautiful silk ties that she wanted to remember her guy with, so I made her a cornice type valance with the useful is fits over a sliding glass door...and I'm sure gets a lot of comments! So send me those ties.