Friday, September 22, 2006

Moving Forward: Standout Merchants and Growth

Just wanted to touch base with our Merchants and let all of you know that everything is going well. We're growing at a phenomenal rate thanks to our users and those who see us as the best and easiest way to find local customers online. As we've been growing we have and will continue to experiment with different ideas to help your merchant network grow. Some of these will be more effective than others.

As always we're sorry for any confusion that our efforts may cause. Its tough getting things right the first time. Specifically, we've found that work needs to be done to make merchant tools like ratings, invitations and coupons even easier to create so that we can distribute them across the internet for you. It's definitely a big opportunity and one that we are determined to get right.

Check out some of the great stuff merchants are doing on MerchantCircle to acquire local customers.

Heavan Salon from Bronx, NY
PromoHut from Brooklyn, NY
V2K Window Decor & More from Mohnton, PA
A New Beginning Real Estate from Fisherville, VA

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