Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merchants That Wow

Thanks to Stand Out Merchants using a variety of our website features, MerchantCircle is becoming an even more interactive community. Customers can really see how their local businesses shine, while business owners can share information and ideas with their customers.

Take Wishing Well Trailer Court from Tucson, Arizona for instance. They have an informative yet informal business description that includes their hours, URL, and the sort of camping services they provide. And when you take a look at their blog, you soon find out that Wishing Well is run by two sisters - Denise and Wendy. And they give us the low-down on good places to eat, shop, and do laundry while staying at their park. What's more, customers have voiced their opinions and asked questions in the customer review section, and Denise and Wendy have been there to greet them every time!

After I finished looking through their site, I almost felt that I knew them...or at least wanted to get to know them the next time I'm camping in Arizona!

Speaking of Stand Out Merchants, one business that can't be overlooked is Events by Clara. Operated out of Hialeah, Florida, Clara has uploaded some spectacular pictures for her merchant images. She's also created three professional quality coupons that look great! Her blog has information on her business with a crisp photo to liven up the page. She even has a newsletter that lists all of her services and contact information. And her friendly motto "Let us do the work while you have the fun" sums up her event planning and coordinating business just dandy. Don't forget to take a look at all of the business she recommends!

It's merchants like these that make MerchantCircle a fun and accessible place to learn about local businesses. I'm sure there are plenty of other merchants sprucing up their sites right now, so if you feel that your business website deserves the spotlight let us know. We're ready to show you off!


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