Thursday, August 3, 2006

New Features Alert

We're on a constant quest to improve MerchantCircle for our members, and we're proud to announce the newest release of We've strived to simplify and strengthen our services while fulfilling requests made by our fabulous members. Here are a few highlights from today's push:

1. The Dashboard is totally redesigned, incorporating a new and improved menu system to make it easier and more intuitive to control your listing from one central spot. Login now and take it for a test drive!

2. Lights, camera, action! MerchantCircle now allows you to post videos on your business listing. Film a commercial, turn a video camera on a satisfied customer, or add footage on a topic related to your business. Check out the MerchantCircle listing in Los Altos, CA for an example.

3. Grow your Network. The new "Add your Address Book" button, located on the main dashboard and on "Invite Your Neighbors," lets you upload all of your email contacts in a matter of moments. Then it's a piece of cake to invite your friends and colleagues to join you on the 'Circle'!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new features, or requests for future improvements. Leave us a comment or send your remarks to


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