Friday, August 25, 2006

Harboring Small Businesses

We celebrate unique businesses everywhere, so I really enjoyed an article I recently stumbled upon about just such a business in Halibut Cove, Alaska. Nardelli's Espresso Bar, having opened four years ago, serves this small, roadless community via a floating dock and cabin. A welcome sign marked "Espresso" rests in a skiff afloat near Nardelli's coffee shop cabin, inviting boating and kayaking passersby to drop in for a snack and a chat. What's more, patrons need not leave their boats, thanks to Nardelii's inventive "float-side" service.

Success appears to be due to Nardelli's winning combination: their yummy snacks are always paired with Nardelli's patron-first approach. The Bar's motto? "Everyone gets treated like a million dollars." This policy, no longer honored by most businesses, boosts Nardelli's above and beyond major chain coffee shops. It seems that Nardelli's has achieved what most small businesses strive for, being an integral part of the town. In fact, Jim Nardelli says, "Everyone is really supportive and I'd be afraid to close...It's really become a part of the community".MerchantCircle applauds Jim Nardelli's success, and we hope that his story inspires others to put service and originality first. We think they are two critical elements to keeping small American businesses vital in their communities. In the ever-busy, expanding world of corporate America, it's refreshing to visit local businesses like Nardelli's Espresso Bar, to shop, relax, and enjoy. (And I've got to get out there to sample Nardelli's homemade root beer plus a hot dog with the works - chili, cheese, caramelized onions, relish.)

Hmmmm, all this success and no yellow pages ad.


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