Sunday, July 9, 2006

Quick Results and only the start.

Nola, of Redd Infinity in Atlanta, Georgia first came to me wondering how she can rank high in search engines and how to maximize her visibility on line. She was especially amazed at the results of one of our other merchants, Cambric of Los Altos that she decided to put her best foot forward and give the "Circle" a try.

And, only after 3 weeks of utilizing our tools and following the MerchantCircle way, Nola's business is now ranked first in Google when searching for her business name and has over 1,500 page views. Pretty quick results if you ask me and it's just the beginning wait till she starts with a premium package and begins advertising on the major ad networks.

Great stuff, Nola!

This gives me an idea, if anyone else out there has a great story to tell and or finds their MerchantCircle listing ranking high in Google, maybe even higher than their own personal website; let me know and I'll send you 400 Ad Dollars plus a featured spot on our blog.


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