Monday, July 25, 2011

We're really proud of our CEO!

In Silicon Valley, meeting brilliant, innovative, business-minded people is as common as traffic on 101 or overhearing happy hour hot-dogging about upcoming IPO's...

But. Meeting brilliant, innovative, business-minded people who are as focused on the world around them, as they are on their portfolios is, well, not so common.

The MerchantCircle team is honored to have one of these unique individuals at our helm. Payam Zamani, CEO of Reply! Inc, is one of those charismatic Valley personalities with an incredible story of perseverance and a contagious passion for helping others. And because we know that Payam himself wouldn't self-promote, we're proud to share the news that he's a GQ Gentleman's Fund nomine for the Better Man Better World Search.

We'd love to see Payam as one of the finalists and welcome your support! Head on over to the nomination page and cast your vote. Then check out the great company he's keeping in this group of world-changers and get inspired.



  1. Congratulations. Great to hear that.

  2. After reading this article i am really impressed by the personality of your CEO.The best thing is that he is down to earth and has been supportive of his staff.