Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Q1 2011 Merchant Circle MCI Survey Results

Below are the results of our quarterly Merchant Confidence Index (MCI) survey for Q1 of 2011. The Index is designed to track trends in small business sentiment over time.

This fifth Merchant Confidence Index survey was fielded online, between January 22nd and February 3rd, 2011, and sent to a random sample of MerchantCircle's member base of over 1.6 million local business owners. There were 8,456 total responses from local business owners across the United States.

Expectations for the future

How do you expect your sales revenues to change over the next three months?

State of the U.S. economy

How would you rate today’s economy compared to the past twelve months?

Hiring expectations

How do you expect your company’s headcount to change over the next three months?

Marketing expenditures

How do you expect your marketing/advertising expenditures to change over the next three months?

Merchant Confidence Index Calculation

Adoption of specific online marketing services

Are you promoting your business with the following websites/services?

Marketing budget

What is your annual ad/marketing budget?

Most effective marketing channels

Select the top THREE most effective marketing or advertising methods your business uses or has used.

Expectations for length of recession

To what extent do you agree with the following statement? “The worst effects of the recession are behind us?

Respondent Profiles

How many people does your business employ?

Which single business category best describes your business?


  1. Did the 55% of dissatisfied merchants say why they wouldn't do another "daily deal"?

  2. Very insightful survey! The business category legend on the last chart is incomplete and it would be great to see all categories. Thx

  3. The post is very informative. It is a pleasure reading it. I have also bookmarked you for checking out new posts.