Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bringing MerchantCircle Across Borders and Overseas

For many years we've been asked the question of just when we would see MerchantCircle's platform expand beyond the borders of the United States? We're pleased to finally be able to answer that with a resounding TODAY!  Well, in reality it was late last week, but today we are happy to formally announce our new beta versions of the site that are operating in Canada, the UK and Australia.  We are very excited for the opportunity that is present in each of these countries and are currently in talks with potential partners in each region to help maximize the exposure for the platform.

Consider the following statistics about the prevalence of small business in our new locations:

- According to the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills, 99.3 percent of the nearly 5 million registered businesses are small (0 to 49 employees).

- In Australia, 96 percent of the 2 million businesses in the country have less that 20 people, as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

- In Canada, 57 percent of businesses have only 1 to 4 employees based on reports from the Business Register of Statistics Canada.

We already have some early adopters that are pretty excited about us being in their country.  Lindy Asimus, owner of Design Business Engineering in Newcastle, NSW, Australia told us “Fantastic! MerchantCircle Australia! This is the very best news for small business owners in Australia. The tools that MerchantCircle provides are like nothing else available in this country for small business. Now there is absolutely no excuse for businesses not to be online.”

You can read our full announcement here. And this is just the beginning. Don't be surprised to see MerchantCircle sites for other major countries later in 2010.

MerchantCircle UK -

MerchantCircle Australia -

MerchantCircle Canada -


  1. Great job! I can't wait to see our Australian network take off!

  2. Great work for MerchantCircle. Happy to know more about your great expansion...