Monday, January 18, 2010

MerchantCircle Grows to 1 Million Members!!!!

In June of 2006, MerchantCircle launched with 5,000 members, 8 employees, and bundles of optimism. Just three and a half years later, MerchantCircle is proud to announce the signing of our 1 millionth member! Danielle Biegler, owner of Nassau Avenue Nails in Islip, NY, is the lucky number 1,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros! Danielle discovered MerchantCircle in her town of Islip after doing a search engine search for other businesses in her area. “The website seemed pretty cool and I saw it was free to create a listing,” said Danielle. “It was really easy-to-use. I built coupons, wrote a blog, and even got my husband to sign-up his business (MB Automotive in Bayshore, NY) on MerchantCircle as well.” Currently, Danielle’s marketing efforts consist of flyers and refrigerator magnets, which she places in car windshields and at fairs. She even tried out advertising in a local Penny Saver ad, which she spent $300 on. It returned zero results. After just a week of membership on MerchantCircle, Nassau Avenue Nails is already getting terrific exposure online. One of the big reasons for her early success is Danielle’s use of all the tools MerchantCircle has to offer. She’s built 3 coupons, written a blog, uploaded pictures, and answered several questions. As the 1 millionth member, MerchantCircle is honoring Danielle with a free subscription to all of MerchantCircle’s online marketing products, free MerchantCircle gear, and a new sign for her store! “It makes me proud to say that we help great local business owners, like Danielle, find more customers online,” said Ben T. Smith, IV, Chairman and CEO of MerchantCircle. "It’s an honor to serve the 1 million local businesses who’ve joined our network to develop their web-presence for free. We look forward to adding another million members to network this year." Danielle has some lofty goals – currently her shop is located in her house, but she hopes to have a retail location in two years. She’s about 25% booked, but her goal is to be completely booked AND to hire another employee. After starting her business in August of 2009, Danielle has no shortage of courage and optimism. Sounds a little like a company that started in June of 2006…. ;) While much has changed in three and a half years, one thing remains the same: we’ll do our best to make sure Danielle and all of our 1 million members continue to be found by more local customers. Thanks to all the passionate, hard-working local businesses who make MerchantCircle possible! Sincerely, Community Relations


  1. Congrats Ben & crew on this incredible milestone. As both a small merchant who uses your service and a "friend" of the firm, I appreciate what you have been able to do in the course of helping small, local businesses take their businesses online. Look forward to the 2 million milestone!

    Brent Harrison

  2. A great number of business owners really rely on Merchant Circle so that they could have a better chance in promoting their business to their potential clients. No wonder they are gaining more memberships.