Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Using Social Networks to Make Money

It’s always flattering when MerchantCircle members take to blogging about the success of their business using MerchantCircle, but the title of one member’s blog post caught our eye. On his personal blog and his MerchantCircle blog, Greg Clowminzer of IonWays Alkaline Water Ionizers in Carlsbad, CA wrote a blog post titled: How I Made Over $15K With a FREE Merchant Circle Business Profile. Greg not only wrote a blog post, he also posted a video testimonial on Youtube and embedded it in his blog.

“MerchantCircle has put thousands and thousands of dollars into my pocket,” says Greg. “I wanted to learn if there was a way on the Internet to actually create a sustainable business model. That’s when I stumbled upon MerchantCircle........"

Listen to Greg tell it in his own words on his blog, or through his Youtube link below:

Read more about Greg in our July Newsletter - out this week.

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  1. Hi Greg,
    I just saw your video and I usually don't leave comments, but this time I have to. Your video was so compelling and you have absolutely "Hit the nail on the Head." If I may, MerchantCircle has really done their home-work. For us small busness guys, MC is a blessing. They offer tools of un-limited Power and the only limitations are our imagination.
    Blogs, I call them "Super Tools." I own a business that was established in 1947. You would think that we could weather this bad economic mess!-Wrong-I too stumbled upon MerchantCircle about 1 yr. ago and I can honestly say,"that without MerchantCircles help we would be out of business today." Thank You MC. Way to go Greg. It is truly amazing what they offer! Thank's Lynn

  2. I agree with you that using social networks you can make money. There are outsourcing jobs by which you can a lot, the thing is only that you will have to fulfill the needs of employer. Another thing is that one should have proper knowledge concerning that subject. And you will find that this is the most paying job among all.
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