Monday, July 7, 2008

Social Business Network

While MerchantCircle has given hundreds of thousands of local business owners across the nation a free web presence that shows up high in search engines, at the heart of this network are the merchants who are embracing the social networking aspect.

MerchantCircle members have been steadfastly helping each other out on the best ways to use MerchantCircle and other ways to grow their business in our MerchantCircle Forums.

Recently we came across this video on YouTube (below) from Cathie Dodd, owner of Tears of Joy Video in Encinitas, CA. Cathie has been a member of MerchantCircle since our first year of existence in 2006. Her and her business epitomizes the social networking capabilities of MerchantCircle - helping to translate into almost 3,000 page views to her MerchantCircle listing each month! Cathie compiled pet pictures from her MerchantCircle network, made up of hundreds of local business owners across the nation, and came up with this video to showcase the pets of MerchantCircle.

Good job on the video Cathie! Enjoy:

Kevin L.
Community Relations

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  1. Kudos Cathie, you deserve some recognition for the great job you are doing connecting Women Owned Business members.

    Well done!