Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting Connected

6 months ago, we had 200,000 merchants. Today that number stands at more than 325,000! As we continue to grow, our merchants are doing a lot of the leg work on their own. In the last 6 months, our merchants have increased the merchants in their network by more than 63%. These merchants are proactively reaching out to their business neighbors and telling them to join.

It's merchants like Tuan Hoang who 6 months ago had just opened up his web printing and graphic design business. After joining MerchantCircle, Tuan saw traffic to his website increase by a factor of 10! His first month using one of our advertising products, he saw a return of $1000 on an investment of $30!

Tuan has more than 300 business owners in his network and is constantly looking for more in his community to sign up. Half of the new customers he's found are MerchantCircle members. It's merchants like Tuan who take a few connections and go a long way.

Community Relations

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  1. Great job! Hope to see more of those merchant members joining us on the forum!

    ~ Lindy Asimus