Friday, February 16, 2007

Not Ready To Make Nice

Dixie ChicksThis isn't a blog post about the Dixie Chicks, more along the lines of will and determination to stay strong and keep doing what you love. It's a lot of those same traits that can be found in small business owners around the country - seemingly isolated, but in reality connected.

We live in a world of Big-Box retailers who, in their quest for global domination, inadvertently squeeze out a lot of the 'smaller' players. These 'small' players are whom this country was founded upon. In fact, even today, small business accounts for two-thirds of all new American jobs.

Say you want to be the next Dixie Chicks. You're probably going to have to get those coffee-stained teeth cleaned and whitened. Record a demo. Educate yourself. Then drop the pets off before heading to Clive Davis' office. And if you end up getting the boot from the assistant to the assistant, you're probably going to need an ego booster.

Fortunately, we have such great small businesses to go to. And without MerchantCircle, they wouldn't have had the chance to be found on the web. You see, MerchantCircle is their primary web presence. And fortunately for you and me, they're not ready to make nice for Big-Box Retailers.


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