Thursday, October 26, 2006

Merchant Stands Out in the American Heartland

Nebraska is one of those Middle America states that is often overlooked, but Reward Wall Systems out of Omaha is showing customers that they are not to be passed by! The merchant images on their page show off some of their works in progress and give us a feel for what they're about. Scroll through for yourself and see what I mean.

But what really pulls me into their listing is their business description:

"Simple. Strong. Efficient. That's why you build with insulated concrete forms (ICFs). Support. Service. Personal attention. That's why you build with Reward Wall Systems."

Wow! That's simple, direct, and tells me a lot about what I can expect from them as a customer-suppportive business. You can read the rest for yourself and see how great this business is at answering questions before they're asked!

Reward Wall Systems is even good at answering questions when they're asked. From a recent customer question about estimates, the business had this to say:

"Phil, Thank you for taking your time to contact us here at Reward Wall Systems. I do not believe there is any charge for an estimate. Please contact us at 402-592-7077 to speak with your Regional Sales Manager, Jeremy Slechta ext. 117. Or you may email him at Thank you so much for your interest! Rita Lucero Front Operations Manager Reward Wall Systems 800-468-6344 toll free 9931 S 136 St., Ste. 100 Omaha NE 68138"

Reward Wall Systems not only used the customer's name in their reply, but they thanked him (twice) for taking interest in their business and gave Phil plenty of ways to find out more information. This is the sort of service I like to see when I'm looking for a solid business to build a relationship with!

So, Nebraska has Reward Wall Systems to thank for putting the American heartland back onto the map, but I'm sure there are plenty of customers thanking them already!

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