Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our neighbors open their doors

It's always exciting to see a new business open its doors.  Satura Cakes celebrated its grand opening today in Los Altos, and the mayor was on hand to cut the ceremonial ribbon (with really big scissors) and get their business on their way.

It's been interesting to watch the shop take form. From the complete overhaul of its interior to the sample cakes we were able to taste, Satura Cakes has really done everything to create a first-rate experience. The cakes are lighter and have less sugar which is good news when you  have a sweet tooth like I do.

Btw, one of the guys in the office set up a webcam that overlooks Satura Cakes. Check it out to see all the buzz!

I liked seeing the community turn out for this grand opening. The community certainly has been curious, watching with great anticipation as things came together.  Congratulations to Satura Cakes. May its future days be filled with sales and cake batter. :)

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  1. Here is a great post on Satura Cakes from a former guy who helped get going.